February 2, 2021

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After introducing the E-LINE last year, VETUS brings you a new addition to the Electric Propulsion family: The E-POD.

Just like its sibling, this system is specifically created to closely replicate the experience of sailing with an internal combustion engine – but, of course, without the emissions and noise.


The E-POD combines the motor, suspension, cooling, gearbox, clutch, propeller shaft and propeller all in one complete system. This space-saving solution ensures there is no need for an engine box and propeller shaft through the boat. Opening up the floor space, a completely new boat design is possible.

Acceleration with the E-POD motor is more powerful and faster than with a diesel engine. A gearbox and clutch are not required for the electric propulsion system, which means that when reversing the propeller, the complete high speed electric motor must immediately stop and then rotate in the opposite direction. To enable a quick reverse power manoeuvre, similar to when using a clutch, VETUS has developed Active Electronic Braking.

Active Electronic Braking

Providing full control of the boat, with direct movement and no delay, Active Electronic Braking for the E-POD enables the high torque of the electric motor to change the direction of rotation quickly and actively. With Active Electronic Braking, it is possible to stop the boat within one boat length if necessary. The user has full control and experiences a familiar way of sailing, with the advantages of the electric motor with high starting torque.

Battery Protection function

The Battery Protection function of the VETUS electric propulsion motor ensures that the battery pack is not inadvertently damaged, and the service life cycle of the batteries is guarded for current and future boating seasons.

Draining a battery pack below the specified minimal voltage will damage the batteries and reduce the life span. To prevent this, the Motor Controller of the VETUS e-drives actively monitors the battery pack state of charge by verifying voltage and current draw.

Boosted Battery Charge function

Another unique feature of the VETUS e-drive motors is the patented Boosted Battery Charge. Using this function, a 24-volt charger can be used to charge up the required 48-volt battery pack for propulsion. As well as providing a cost advantage due to the use of the more common 24-volt battery charger, it also allows the boat builder to easily provide a low voltage 24V electric board network.

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