With innovation and expertise in exhaust products we bring you the comfort of silence, reduced maintenance cost and ideal engine performance. And by adding the extra feature of rotatable connections you get the feeling of a custom made exhaust build-in.

Our entire range is developed in-house, this gives us the opportunity to pay extra attention to safety and reliability, giving you the ultimate carefree boating experience.

An extra benefit from our entire exhaust range is that it is made with synthetic composite and reinforced materials, this makes them less likely to need a replacement overtime. We can even say that a VETUS exhaust system will last a boat’s lifetime!

Gooseneck and Muffler (NLPG)

Saving space in your engine room and creating a lower noise level for more comfortable boat trips? With the VETUS NLPG you have a gooseneck and a muffler combined into one unique product.

The goosenecks prevents water going back into the exhaust system, while the muffler reduces the exhaust noise. But off course VETUS thinks with the mind of a boat builder. And with this gooseneck you get more build-in freedom due to the rotatable body and hose connections.

Air Vent (ASDV)

When the cooling water injection point is less than 15 cm above the waterline, the cooling system can siphon water through the intake when the engine is turned off. When this happens water can siphon into the exhaust system and even into the engine itself. This can be prevented if you use am air vent.

Our airvent ASDV is made out of synthetic materials only, easy in maintenance and exchangeable with AIRVENTV / AIRVENTH.

Waterlock (NLP)

With it’s rotatable chambers and fully rotatable hose connections the NLPH is the ultimate waterlock for small spaces.

Due to it’s unique three chamber technology this waterlock has an incredible sound reduction. Other benefits are; easy and fast installation for a wide range of applications and corrosion free due to synthetic material use.

The waterlock comes in 3 different volumes; 5, 10 and
15 litres.

The standard waterlock

VETUS has spend many years and a huge amount of time on developing and innovating exhaust systems. Our standard waterlock is one of those items that we have designed to make sure that you get the best standard exhaust system. The standard waterlock comes in different sizes, each meticulously designed to fit your needs.

The Heavy Duty Line

Our Heavy Duty exhaust range is specifically developped for commercial vessels that need that bit extra. Made out of the special blend NAVIDURIN® – which is temperature resistant up to 260ºC- these Heavy Duty waterlocks outperform any other waterlock with GPR or stainless steel.

We offer two types of Heavy Duty waterlocks; the NLPHD and the HPW.


If your vessel needs to withstand even the toughest conditions, VETUS has got you covered with our heavy-duty exhaust line.

The NLPHD waterlock series is perfect for medium to large sail or power boats with exhaust diameters ranging from 40 to 90 mm. Our waterlocks are well known for their silencing features and versatile installation options. Combine that with our special blend NAVIDURIN®, and you get a system that is unmatched and will last a boat’s lifetime.


The HPW waterlock series was designed for heavy-duty applications, such as small commercial and military vessels. The ability to handle extreme conditions, while providing excellent sound attenuation, makes these waterlocks a cost-effective solution for your vessel compared to high-priced custom-made solutions. And just like the NLPHD, this heavy duty waterlock is made with the special blend NAVIDURIN®.

After years of developing, testing and producing our specially blended composite NAVIDURIN®, we can say that we are the proud owners of a Lloyds Register Certificate.

Our exclusive NAVIDURIN® blend has a high percentage of glass fibre, can resist extreme temperature, and has superior tensile strength. This blend is made to withstand any challenge in commercial and military applications With the Lloyds classification, we can add even more value to our already unmatched exhaust range.

Lloyd’s Register is a marine and offshore business and a leading provider of classification and compliance services to the marine and offshore industries. Their purpose is to help the clients design, construct and operate their assets to the highest levels of safety and environmenta compliance.

Waterlock for larger
boats – MG

High-performance boats with one or two engines have little room to spare in the engine room. With the MG waterlock, you get the exhaust you need with the fit of a custom-made product.

The MG waterlock features a rotatable outlet connection, excellent sound reduction, and an entirely synthetic construction. This waterlock is made to last, helping you get the most out of your vessel.

Muffler – MV

The construction of our mufflers offer almost no resistance to the free flow of exhaust gases. By creating additional mixing of water inside the exhaust line, the design results in an even greater noise reduction.

The MV is developed for fast craft with powerful engines and it achieves tremendous reduction of exhause noise. Waterlock type MV and the transom connection are provided with a check valve which prevents the seawater from flowing into the engine.

Separator – LGS

The VETUS gas/water separator has a double function. It separates the injected raw cooling water from the exhaust gases and also functions as a gooseneck. This is particularly important for generator sets. The separator reduces the exhaust noise and drains the cooling water below the waterline, thus preventing the characteristic splashing sound.

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