Maxwell’s innovative approach to design resulted in the introduction of automatic rope/chain windlasses into the global marine market during the mid-1990s. With their revolutionary concept and technical features, these were a radical departure from all other windlasses. Building on the success of these products, Maxwell then designed and developed an exciting RC range of automatic rope/chain windlasses. The company broke the design barriers with the development of a vertical and horizontal rope/chain windlass range incorporating two unique, internationally-patented features.
The RC and HRC Series attest to Maxwell’s continuing pledge to create game-changing product initiatives.

Maxwell continues to evolve its existing range of proven windlasses and capstans. The RC12 represents the culmination of Maxwell’s advancement of a full range of automatic rope/chain windlasses suitable for use on vessels ranging in size from 4.5m (15ft) to more than 22m (75ft).

Maxwell’s ongoing commitment to product development can also be seen in the upgrading of the company’s ‘traditional’ and always popular vertical VWC Series. Market stalwarts since the early 1990s, the VWC windlasses were always great performers; and now, with advanced engineering features incorporated into their improved designs, they work even better. Maxwell recognizes that boat owners not only want equipment that works flawlessly, but also want products which look good as well. To this end, Maxwell’s designers spend countless hours improving the look, functionality and robustness of all Maxwell products. With a tireless devotion to excellence, product innovation, research and development, you can count on Maxwell to secure your investment!

An introduction to Maxwell’s products

To make the correct selection when purchasing anchor-handling equipment, it is important to carefully consider the style and size of boat, the anticipated anchoring conditions, and the weight and type of ground tackle. Maxwell has an extensive range of windlasses for all varieties of ground tackle, bow configurations, locker spaces and power requirements, including:

  • The vertical stainless steel RC Series and the horizontal HRC Series, which automatically handle rope/chain combination rodes and are suitable for boats ranging from 4.5m (15ft) up to approximately 22m (75ft)
  • The revolutionary RC12 Series, which automatically handles rope/chain combination rodes and is suitable for lighter displacement vessels up to approximately 24m (80ft)
  • The multipurpose VC (Vertical Capstan) Series, which can be used for all types of line handling
  • The traditional rope and chain VW (Vertical Windlass) Series, designed for manually handling a rope and chain combination anchor rode joined by a conventional shackle and eye splice. (The exception being the hybrid VW10)
  • The VWC (Vertical Windlass/Capstan) and HWC (Horizontal Windlass/Capstan) Series, which automatically handle chain-only rodes

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