July 4, 2022

Press Release YellowV Expands Range

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Watersports and inflatable product specialist YellowV has announced new business growth and a significant expansion in its range of innovative equipment.

In response to high demand and the latest market trends, VETUS brand YellowV is launching several new product series and additional models. For the first time, the company offers a line of kayaks and funtubes, plus it is extending its popular SUP and boat series with more models, as customer interest increases specifically in the touring and high-speed, high-thrills sectors.

The company has also confirmed a partnership with navigation app Savvy Navvy, enabling customers who purchase the new YellowV equipment to benefit from a free one-year subscription.

The introduction of the latest YellowV products builds on the sales success of its unique ISUPs, each featuring a board game on the underside, inflatable platforms and boats, which stood out in the market following their launch in 2020 due to the smart, high-quality design, interesting features and ergonomics.

The product development continues with the planned launch of a YellowV inflatable surf series and electric aid for the SUPs and kayaks during 2023.

Nick Tuinenburg, Product Sales Manager, YellowV, said: “Our designers have been working hard to develop these fresh, new products, so we are excited to launch the latest YellowV equipment and offer our customers the best experience on the water. After such a positive reaction from the market to our original inflatable boards and boats, we have carefully examined trends and reviewed the interest in our products over the last two years. We found that people would like to cover greater distances, travel in challenging waters and move faster.

“To support those requests, we have expanded on the SUP series with a sporty tourer, which is long and narrow to pick up more speed, and a hefty overnight tourer designed for multiple day trips, with big luggage nets to accommodate tent, food and clothing. This board is wider to increase stability and longer at 14 feet to give it some speed.

“For people looking for the YellowV look on our boats, we are introducing the black VB series. To complete the stealthy look, these boats have a black transom and black benches as well, with optional full black airdeck or a clear aluminium deck.

“The new kayak series fills the gap between the SUP boards and the inflatable boats. Designed for those who like to negotiate rougher waters and where more agility is required, we use drop-stitch sidewalls and deck to make the kayak as stiff as possible to increase the performance.

“The pandemic caused a huge increase in the funtube market – a segment which suits YellowV very well, which is why we are introducing four new models.”

Continuing the brand’s founding aim to maximise fun and encourage more people out on the water, the new equipment is characterised by the signature YellowV appearance, ease of use, sturdy design and light weight. The additional YellowV products are:

•    Two additional YVSUPs (stand up paddle boards): the YVSUP13 Tugela, a 13ft fast, sporty tourer; and the YVSUP14 Niagara, a 14ft overnight SUP which is stable and fast for extensive touring

•    Three new VB series boats: the 270cm long VB270B; the 300cm VB300B; and the 330cm VB330B, all featuring the signature black and yellow of YellowV

•    Three new YVKAYAK inflatable kayaks: the YVKAYAK1P, the 12ft entry model for one person; the YVKAYAK2P, the 13.8ft kayak for two people; and the YVKAYAK3P, the 15.4ft kayak for three people. All feature drop-stitch sidewalls and offer the experience of a hard kayak.

•    Four new YVFUN towable funtubes: the YVFUN1DON donut funtube for one person; the YVFUN2TRI triangle funtube for two people; the YVFUN2DIS disc funtube for a high thrills experience for two people; and the YVFUN2BAN funtube banana for two people.

The new kayaks, boats and funtubes are available now from stock, with the two new SUPs available from early July. For more details, view the YellowV website at www.yellowv.com 


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About VETUS – Creator of Boat Systems

Founded in 1964, VETUS sets the global standard in the design and manufacturing of complete onboard boat systems – including engines, generators, bow thrusters and control panels – for recreational and small commercial vessels. VETUS prides itself on innovation and engineers the majority of its 4,000+ product lineup in-house. The company’s commitment to quality, reliability, and delivering a superior customer experience has earned the trust of boaters, yacht builders, and marine training establishments all over the world.

VETUS has its headquarters in the Netherlands, with subsidiaries in 17 other countries and an unparalleled worldwide distribution and service network.

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