February 10, 2021

Creation and innovation with 3D printing


Creation and innovation have always been the VETUS keywords. As a leader in the marine industry, we are always looking for new ways to improve ourselves. Not only on the product side but on the production side as well.

With the purchase of our first rapid prototyping (3D printer) machine over 15 years ago, we count ourselves amongst the early adaptors in our industry. From that time 3D printing reduced our time to market and gave us the ability to test and perfect our designs even before we make our production molds and tooling. New technologies are always embraced within our R&D team, that is why we are proud to welcome the 4th generation prototyping machine in our R&D center.

With our new 3D printer, we take our in-house development one step further…. Besides creating prototypes for our products and new innovations, this top-level machine allows us to manufacture small numbers of high-quality usable parts with complete design flexibility.

The new printer strengthens our in-house development and can make more complex models with a high degree of finishing and in a variety of different materials. The 25-micron finish will rival polished injection molded quality for consumer ready part production.

All with the goal of delivering a better product to the customer.

Besides the production value it is a more environmentally conscious choice as well. Not having to outsource our larger models in various iterations from multiple locations will reduce our carbon footprint.

With more prototypes being manufactured within VETUS will result in lesser transport, package material and exhaust gas.

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