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Press Release – More Options For 140 mm Tunnels

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VETUS Announces New Technology-Leading Thruster For Smaller Boats

VETUS, a world leader in bow thruster technology, has introduced a new smaller boat BOW PRO thruster for 140 mm tunnels. Suitable for vessels up to 9 m (30 feet) the BOWA0401 features a brushless induction motor which allows for long runtimes and eliminates the downtime usually needed for motor maintenance. The advanced technology built into the BOWA0401 significantly improves manoeuvrability in tight situations where the thruster can be activated for longer runs to assist the vessels turn rate in even rough conditions. Thanks to the 40 kgf output and patented MCV intelligent motor controller, the BOWA0401 provides unparalleled efficiency.

The VETUS motor controller regulates the maintenance-free brushless induction motor, ensuring the thruster is highly efficient and quiet. BOW PRO thrusters will run 10 minutes at full power and even longer at a lower rpm only limited by the size of the battery pack, without the fear of overheating issues. With three 140 mm GRP tunnel length options available; 750 mm, 1000 mm or 1500 mm, the BOWA0401 can be easily retrofitted to most boats up to 9 metres. Installation is further simplified by linking the thruster to the VETUS V-CAN system. This substantially reduces complicated wiring and once installed provides fingertip proportional control allowing the helmsman to vary the power output to suit the situation and achieve hassle free docking. With its no maintenance motor, the BOWA0401 offers a long life of consistent, powerful performance.

Thijs Boegheim, Director Sales EMEA VETUS said: “Our VETUS smaller boat thrusters can transform the manoeuvrability of a vessel, and simple installation allows them to be fitted and the boat back in the water in no time. They are very easy to use, and we are confident the owner will be amazed how the boat will be immediately more responsive when thruster power is needed. Our partnerships with Yamaha and Mercury are taking manoeuvrability to the next level. The addition of a VETUS BOW PRO thruster to a Yamaha Helm Master® EX or Mercury JPO equipped boat dramatically improves the slow speed authority and ease of berthing, increasing safety and vessel usability. There is nothing quite like the confidence that this level of integrated control gives you during what were previously the most stressful aspects of boat handling. We like to make life easier and safer for our customers, and these thrusters certainly achieve our goals.”
For further information, visit www.vetus.com

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About VETUS – Creator of Boat Systems

Founded in 1964, VETUS sets the global standard in the design and manufacturing of complete onboard boat systems—including engines, bow thrusters and anchoring solutions—for recreational and small commercial vessels. VETUS prides itself on innovation and engineers the majority of its 4,000+ product lineup in-house. The company’s commitment to quality, reliability, and delivering superior customer experience has earned the trust of boaters, yacht builders, and marine training establishments all over the world.

VETUS has its headquarters in the Netherlands, with representation in 17 other countries and an unparalleled worldwide distribution and service network.

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