While enjoying your stay on your boat, you want to relax and enjoy your stay to the fullest

Maxwell anchoring solutions do more than anchor your boat. They are the ‘anchor’ to your weekend plans. If you are planning to go diving, swimming or anchor out overnight, you can trust Maxwell equipment to handle the heavy work, while you enjoy your day.

Maxwell pioneered the automatic rope/chain windlass, introducing it to the world in the 1990s. Then they broke the design barriers with their vertical and horizontal rope/chain windlasses.

The revolutionary Wave Design™ chainwheel of the RC series, holds the line more securely than a traditional windlass. It even improves the handling and control of your windlass, and, as a result, the life cycle of the rope-chain is increased. And it doesn’t end there. With an ongoing commitment to innovative design and development, Maxwell wants to make sure your boat gets the equipment it deserves.

Yes, you can anchor your boat without a windlass, but that is a lot of work. Especially for someone with a bad back, that is getting older, or that doesn’t want to exert themselves on a day of relaxation on the water. Let your Maxwell windlass do the work for you with just a push of the button.

The highly successful vertical RC Series

Vertical systems take up less space on deck and are easier to maintain. They are also less expensive than horizontal models. More chain is in contact with the chainwheel, reducing the possibility of chain jump.

To get you started

With a Maxwell anchoring solution, you get more than a perfectly working windlass. You get a product that looks great as well – an inexpensive, high-performance and great looking windlass. What else do you need for a carefree anchoring experience?

We know that the information can be a little overwhelming when you are looking for an anchoring solution. To give you a head start, we have provided a list of the products you need to anchor your vessel in the best spot:


The size of the winch depends on the vessel. In the folder below, you can find more information about the different sizes and models that Maxwell offers.

Up/Down remote panel

The easy to use, panel mounted, up/down switch for the Maxwell windlass can be operated from the helm, fly bridge or the cockpit and is splash proof.

Windlass control

When the vision from the helm station is obstructed you can fall back on the use of a autoanchor wired roving remote control unit.

MAXSET bow roller

The MAXSET Bow Roller design guarantees that MAXSET stainless steel and galvanised anchors, are efficiently self-launched during anchor deployment. When the anchor is fully retrieved, the MAXSET bow roller ensures that the anchor fits securely into the roller and will not rattle around when the boat is under way.

Chain stopper

Chain stoppers are designed to act as a load bearing point in order to take load off the windlass while at anchor or under way. The chain stopper can be used as an alternative to a snubbing hook and allows one to quickly set and ride on the anchor, break free the anchor, or to prevent accidental free fall of the anchor while under way.

MAXSET anchor

The “MAXSET” galvanised and stainless-steel anchor range is based on the proven ‘Plough’ design. One of the most popular anchor designs, the plough concept dates back several decades and has been proven all over the world. The high holding power characteristics of this design make the MAXSET anchor an ideal all-purpose anchor in a wide variety of weather and seabed conditions.

Anchor swivel shackles

The use of a swivel and joining shackle, for your anchor and rode, will greatly improve anchor retrieval and help ensure that the rode lays neatly into your anchor locker.

Rope and chain

Maxwell supplies a wide range of anchor rodes including chain-only, rope only or a pre-spliced combination of rope and chain rodes. Chains for vessels up to 100 meters (300 ft) and 8 plait (brait) nylon rope for vessels up to 20 meters (65 ft) in lenght as well as ropes and hawsers, which are commonly used on superyachts.

Which winch should you choose? Do you need a chain or a rope/chain rode? What type of anchor do you need? The expert at your local VETUS/Maxwell Centre can guide you and answer all your anchoring questions.

In the meantime, take a look at the folder below to view Maxwell’s entire range, as well as a windlass and capstan selection table.

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