Social Responsibilities

Participating in our society is key, but for some it is not a given. VETUS helps where it can and believes that everybody deserves a change within their work environment if they desire.

VETUS originated as a family business, and that spirit is still very much alive within the organization today. Taking care of each other is important, and by collaborating with Stroomopwaarts MVS, we can offer help with a temporary income and provide guidance towards paid work. VETUS is excited to continue our collaboration with Stroomopwaarts MVS for the next two years.


What if autonomous boats could relieve the heavy traffic over the vulnerable quays and bridges of Amsterdam’s city center while making the canals a testbed for innovation?

Roboat – a research project by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute) – aims to provide self-driving on-water solutions for different use cases. VETUS is proud to be a partner in such an important and innovative project. With a VETUS BOW PRO on board, the maneuvering of these autonomous floating vessels is like a walk in the park. Instant and consistent control at your fingertips.

M&J Sailing

VETUS MAXWELL has signed a new sponsorship deal with one of the world’s most popular sailing YouTubers, MJ Sailing.

The new sponsorship agreement is a significant boost for their build plans and will ensure the couple can select from a range of essential VETUS products such as compact electric toilets, portholes, hatches, windlasses and freshwater system components to fully equip and prepare their boat for continued sailing to the far reaches of the globe.

Sailing Lady Africa

The South African couple Simone and Ricky of the Sailing Lady Africa project harbored the ambition to rebuild a 1991 36.5ft Dean catamaran.

After a lengthy period of hard graft, this beautiful catamaran is now finished! We at VETUS are proud to have sponsored the couple by supplying some of our great products so they could complete their journey. You can follow Simone and Ricky on their YouTube channel.


VETUS works with social workshops to manufacture numerous products, such as our waterlocks.

February 24, 2022
February 24, 2022
February 23, 2022
February 16, 2022
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