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Product of the month V-Docker


The creator of boat systems enhances boat control, with the the V-DOCKER® Joystick docking system.

Running a boat is pure pleasure. Why not experience the same pleasure when docking in the marina? No more stressful situations as the intuitive operation of the joystick from this
V-DOCKER lets you dock like a true professional in any situation. The V-DOCKER works with a single (mechanically controlled) engine and a combination of a bow and stern thruster. Only this combination ensures an optimal use of the generated forces, giving you the power exactly where you need it! Where other systems make use of opposing forces situated at the stern of the boat, the VETUS system just needs a nudge of the thruster to tip the bow in the right direction. Direct forces, just plain and easy point and go! No fuss, no headache – in fact your fellow boaters will be just as pleased as you are.

For inch-perfect manoeuvring without rocking the surrounding boats

Because of the precise cooperation between thrusters and engine, drifting will be a thing of the past. Unlike expensive systems that claim to work without thrusters, the V-DOCKER system evenly distributes the forces over the front and rear of the boat. Manoeuvring your boat in a tight spot has never been easier. The subtle black styling of the joystick allows retrofitting on existing vessels, as it will match your other controls perfectly.

This sail-by-wire system replaces your mechanically controlled throttle lever when the
V-DOCKER is engaged, enabling single-handed boat control. It works with both single inboard and single outboard engines and will be available in two different kits: the VDSETT kit for those with regular bow thrusters and the VDSETR kit for those with retractable thrusters.


“The V-DOCKER simplified all difficult manoeuvres”

The first system was fitted and tested by Kristoffer Gustavsson, one of the owners of family firm from Linjett Yachts. Full of confidence his customer set sail with wife and kids, using the V-DOCKER system to navigate through the Göta Canal – Sweden’s 190 km long Blue Ribbon cross the whole country and connects numerous lakes and rivers. Navigating the narrow canal with 56 locks, sailing in total 1500 nautical miles and 150 engine hours. Did the V-DOCKER pass this test? This is how he experienced the V-DOCKER:

”After going through the Göta kanal with all the locks, I can just note that the system simplified all difficult manoeuvres and in a safe way. VETUS will easily sell thousands of this system.” said Anders Jakobsson, owner of a Linjett 43 with V-DOCKER and VETUS Swingthrusters.

The system is well approved by its current owner. But what are the thoughts from Kristoffer Gustavsson on the V-DOCKER?

“The V-DOCKER provides easy installation as there are no push/pull cables to be routed to the steering pod, only the signal wire that connects the joystick to the actuator located in the engine compartment. It is easy to connect via the standard CAN-bus contacts that are re ady on the cables. Immediately a smooth set up with the bow and stern thruster.”
“As CAN-bus is the future that opens a lot of possibilities on board. Most important is the satisfaction from our customers when it comes to manoeuvre our boats with the help of the V-DOCKER. We will definitely continue with V-DOCKER.”

It’s clear: the V-DOCKER brings smiles to both owners and builders. Easy to install, easy to operate: this system brings control to the next level.

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