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VETUS launches the E-Line


VETUS Returns to the Electric Market with the availability of the E-Line and the E-POD

We, as one of the pioneers of electric propulsion, are reentering in the electric boating market with the launch of unique solutions for both the new build and refit sectors.
Unique in the market, the E-LINE is, next to the E-POD (VETUS) the only electric propulsion solutions with ‘active motor braking’, providing optimum control of the boat, with no delay, direct movement and total control.

Both solutions can be used in conjunction with a VETUS BOW PRO proportional bow or stern thruster and can be supplied as complete system including thrusters and steering components to fully outfit a vessel.

Thijs Boegheim, Sales Director EMEA and Global Marketing Director, VETUS, said: “VETUS is excited to return to the growing electric propulsion sector with our new E-LINE and E-POD solutions. Both of these advanced systems make it possible for more boat owners to experience and enjoy their surroundings in total silence as they gently cruise through nature. They reflect VETUS’s continued focus on enhancing the boating experience and preserving the environment.”


The 7.5 kW, 48V VETUS E-POD package is a compact electric propulsion system including propeller, pod and drive, for smooth and silent sailing on power and sailboats up to about 25 feet. The specially designed enclosed propeller minimizes cavitation and improves the effective thrust to increase efficiency, ensuring comfortable cruising at low speeds.
With no rotating or vibrating parts on-board the boat, the all-in-one VETUS E-POD system operates with no noise and is simply mounted in the stern of the vessel without the need for a shaft or other drive components. There is minimal room required inside the boat, so more of the interior living and storage space can be opened up when using the E-POD than with any other propulsion solution.

Thijs Boegheim said: “As the company who created the first electric propulsion solution 20 years ago with our EP2200, VETUS is excited to now develop its new technology further with the E-POD. Based on submarine systems, the propeller design has been developed and tested by MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) and is much more efficient than a conventional propeller, requiring lower power to propel the boat. This complete electric propulsion package is not only very efficient, but also environmentally friendly, plus it offers simple alignment and installation with minimal maintenance. With the complete unit residing beneath the boat and no shafts or rotating parts, boat owners will have more room left inside their boat, while, for boat designers, it is a game-changer as it enables additional lay-out options.”

Once the E-LINE or E-POD is installed, the only requirement is to wire in the battery bank as well as the VCAN control wiring. VCAN wiring provides reliability and flexibility to install the helm wherever desired, while the small number of components ensures maintenance is minimal.

For both the E-POD and E-LINE systems, speed has a major influence on the range, using a specific battery pack. For example, based on a 7-metre sloop (1200 kg) with 1.32 kWh usable battery capacity (75% of 8 x 220Ah AGM), the range is approximately 48nm at 2 knots, 20nm at 3 knots and 10nm at 4 knots. The E-LINE and E-POD systems can be used in conjunction with a VETUS 48V BOW PRO proportional bow or stern thruster connected to the same battery bank.


Suitable as both a re-power solution and for new builds, the compact and efficient 48V E-LINE packages enable silent, environmentally friendly cruising with exceptional manoeuvring capabilities.

The E-LINE motor is equipped with a smart, water-cooled 48V controller, developed specially for electric boating, enabling the user to charge the battery bank with a 24V battery charger.
VETUS offers three models with output power ranging from 5 kW to 10 kW and supplies the complete package customised for the boat, from shore power to propeller, to provide the most effective installation for customers.

Thijs Boegheim added: “This solution is easy to install and maintain, ideal as a standard in-board diesel replacement or for new builds, fitting in the same footprint as our small diesel engines. Perfect for the growing electric propulsion market and the inland waterways sector, the system meets all current and future emission requirements. We are offering this electric propulsion that we can package with a lot of our other technologies – for example, we can combine it with a 48V bow thruster and offer steering.”

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