Fresh water systems

  • Yes, VETUS calorifiers are suitable for both horizontal and vertical mounting.

  • A double wall calorifier will heat up approximately 5- 7 times faster than a conventional spiral coil model. In addition, the water will stay hot longer due to the heated double wall and the thick insulation foam. All VETUS calorifiers are equipped with a double wall.

  • The inspection lid on the tank makes it possible to clean the tank easily.

  • Yes, this is usually possible, providing the leak is quite small. You can order a repair kit – code REPSETWT from your VETUS dealer.

  • This is absolutely harmless and is caused by the smell from the hoses. Sterilise the tank and hoses on a regular basis using fresh water and chlorine tablets or white vinegar. Please see the tank fitting instructions for full details.

  • Yes, this is possible. You will have to replace the connections for ones which are suitable for use with diesel fuel.

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