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  • You can find the service prescriptions in your own Maxwell manual! Manuals can also be downloaded from the Maxwell Marine website:

  • This is absolutely harmless and is caused by the smell from the hoses. Sterilise the tank and hoses on a regular basis using fresh water and chlorine tablets or white vinegar. Please see the tank fitting instructions for full details.

  • The rule of thumb for calculating this is described on page 200 of the VETUS catalogue. Alternatively, please contact your VETUS dealer who will be pleased to advise.

  • Yes, the Marex windows with aluminium profiles are a good alternative when replacing windows with rubber-sealing profiles and hardly no adjustments have to be made in in the hull/superstructure of the boat.

  • While anchoring you need to secure the chain with a chain stopper [for rope a bollard]. Because all circumstance can be different while anchoring and you never know how much force is on the chain at certain moments. A chainstopper is able to hold much more loads as the windlass.

  • In the latest catalogue, we have a section advising you how best to ascertain which windlass is best suited to your boat and your requirements. If your boat is in the 6 meter (20 feet) to 20 meter (65 feet) range, then the Power & Sailing Boats catalogue should provide you with most of the background information you need. If you are fortunate enough to be considering the most suitable windlass for your Superyacht (vessels generally over 25 meters (80 feet), then the “15 Easy Steps to Windlass Selection” chart in Maxwell’s Superyacht colour catalogue should provide you with the information you need. Should you require further assistance with your windlass selection please do not hesitate to contact Maxwell or any of their representatives world wide. Contact details can be found under the ‘Find Us’ section of our web site.

  • VETUS switch panels are made of synthetic and non-corrosive materials.

  • You will be able to do this with a LED and calibration wire. It is not necessary to use external equipment.

  • When the power supply is on, the presence of gas is checked on a permanent basis. This could save your life if there has been a leak whilst you were away from the boat.

  • You can order extra keys for engine start panels produced from 2007 onwards. Please ask your engine dealer or boat builder.

  • If you take your rev counter to a Vetus dealer, the dealer can order a new one for you with the data of your previous hour meter entered.

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