How did you start at VETUS?

Marcel explains, „At the time, I provided training to the director, who was skilled in commercial matters but required guidance on the organizational and financial facets of the company. Over dinner, he proposed I take up the role of operations manager. I accepted, overseeing logistics, the warehouse, finance, and HR, while he concentrated on marketing and sales. Together, we made a formidable team. That was the beginning.“ Following various ownership transitions, Marcel ascended to the role of managing director in 2009, and has since steered VETUS with a captain’s expertise.

What does the 60th anniversary mean to you?

„At the moment, VETUS is in a very strong position, stronger than ever before. We are in an excellent position, both in terms of product development and financially. This year we are moving into a brand new head office with an extensive logistics operation. Employee satisfaction is higher than ever. In short, VETUS is in excellent shape during our 60th anniversary.“

What do you think is the driving force behind the success of VETUS?

„We always prioritize innovation and product renewal, even during difficult times like a crisis, we have never skimped on that. We are constantly striving to develop new products together with our employees and continue to invest in innovation. That’s really the DNA of our company. We also apply this principle to our other companies, such as Maxwell Marine.“

What is a memorable moment that you experienced at VETUS?

„At VETUS, playing pranks on April 1st is a longstanding tradition. One memorable instance occurred a few years ago, right after our street was redesigned and repaved. I thought it the perfect moment for a great April Fool’s joke. I fabricated a story about the municipality implementing a ‚flanking parking policy,‘ where each employee would have a designated parking spot marked with numbered plates on a pole. We even created a phony letter from the municipality of Schiedam stating that the new parking arrangement would be displayed in our showroom on the upcoming Monday, April 1. The announcement caused quite a stir, prompting one employee to unwittingly contact the municipality to complain, only to find they had no knowledge of such a policy.

Another year, At the time, it was usual for VETUS Italia to book shared rooms during business trips, with two people per room. I crafted a detailed announcement claiming that due to financial constraints, we would start doubling up room assignments to cut costs further. I made the announcement sound plausible, assuring everyone that we wouldn’t mix genders in rooms and that exceptions could be made, but the new policy would start the following Thursday, April 1st. Ruud, the head of sales back then, was utterly flabbergasted by the news, while other employees quickly realized the date and asked, ‚Did you check what day that falls on?‘ The whole situation turned out to be quite amusing.”

What do you see as the biggest achievements since you started in 2002?

„The fact that we still exist is certainly not only my merit, but that of everyone who works and has worked here. We have had financial challenges in the past, but we have always remained stable. After the acquisition by YANMAR in 2013, we were able to further expand the company and we have grown rapidly. We are also moving to a new building, which I have been working on for a long time. I think that’s a significant achievement.“

How has VETUS shaped you as a person?

„VETUS has made it possible to realize projects and achieve other personal goals outside of work. For example, I set up a medical center in the south of Rotterdam. In addition, the work has offered me many international opportunities. I’ve been all over the world on business. Thanks to my work at VETUS, I have been able to carry out many interesting projects. But I also really enjoy working, so you’re never really ‚done‘.“

What’s next for VETUS?

„I believe the new building will bring significant benefits. It will enhance our efficiency and boost employee satisfaction, especially in a space that better suits our needs. Additionally, it positions us closer to our end customers. As customer expectations evolve, they will likely insist on direct deliveries. We need to prepare for this shift by leveraging video marketing and offering diverse informational resources. Dealers will continue to play a crucial role in this process. I anticipate that these developments will be a primary focus for us in the coming period.“

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