Control at your fingertips

When you are enjoying a day on the water, your focus should be on enjoying every second of the boating season. Relish the time spent with family and friends … or perhaps in pursuit of your next big catch! It should not be spent worrying about docking your boat at the end of the day.

Manoeuvre your boat the way you want

With a BOW PRO on board, you can take away the worry and be confident in your docking skills. With a thruster at your disposal, you can manoeuvre your boat the way you want. A VETUS thruster gives you sideways control of your boat so you can precisely position the bow and the stern of your boat. Even in less-than-ideal conditions, you are always in full control of your boat.

Not all thrusters are equal. Traditional thrusters offer two modes: on and off. Our BOW PRO thrusters are the only thrusters on the market to offer full proportional control. This means you get to decide how much thrust you need – a little or a lot. And, with VETUS’s innovative DC-to-DC charging technology, you can be confident that your thruster will always be ready to use as much as you need, without fear of overuse or overheating issues.

The one of a kind thruster

You can even take your control a step further with the available lock-and-hold feature. Hold your boat in place while you handle the lines, allowing the rest of the family to relax.

Thrusters are not just for docking. Having total control of your boat is important in any tight situation or when handling your boat with a marlin on the line.

Perhaps the best part of a BOW PRO thruster is the maintenance-free, brushless induction motor. Less maintenance means less hassle and more carefree time out on the water.

Thrusters can take the stress out of docking by giving you sideways control of the movement and position of the bow and the stern of your boat. They work by rotating a propeller in a submerged tunnel or a housing mounted athwartships and located near the bow and/or the stern.

The VETUS BOW PRO is a one of a kind thruster, which is standard fully proportional controlled. This thruster is equipped with brushless induction motors. Therefore the bow / stern thruster motor is maintenance-free and has much longer runtimes compared to conventional DC thrusters

The induction motor is controlled by the VETUS MCV motor controller. The built-in over-temp and low battery protection, combined with the brushless induction motor make the BOW PRO thruster series highly resistant to abuse and ideal for the most demanding boater in the most difficult manoeuvring situations

Revolutionary concept matched with proven technology

The BOW PRO is available in several propeller and tunnel diameters and powerful enough to turn your runabout in the desired direction. Recommended battery sizes for the BOW PRO series are slightly larger than advised for conventional DC thrusters. With these larger batteries you can take full advantage of the motor efficiencies, which results in longer run-times

Unique Features

  • Unlimited runtimes
  • Fully proportional control
  • Connectivity to devices with canbus carrying signals possible
  • Digitally controlled by (patented) MCV motor controller
  • Available with lock-and-hold controls
  • Maintenance-free brushless induction motor
  • Highly efficient thruster system
  • Built-in over-temp and low battery protection
  • Interchangeable with existing thrusters (shared tunnel sizes)
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