Suitable as both a re-power solution and for new builds, the compact and efficient 48V E-LINE packages enable silent, environmentally friendly cruising with exceptional manoeuvring capabilities.

The E-LINE features VETUS’s Active Electronic Braking, guaranteeing full control without the requirement of a gearbox and clutch. The high torque of the electric motor is used to change the direction of rotation quickly and actively, enabling the boat to be stopped within one boat length if necessary.


Pim Bonne, International Sales & Product Manager for Electric Propulsion, VETUS, said: “We developed the VETUS solutions to make installation and use as easy as possible for our customers. There is only very little effort and time needed to make them fully operational. We have received positive feedback from boat builders and other customers about why they prefer VETUS E-DRIVES above all other electric propulsion solutions. They tell us an important aspect is that it is a very compact system, in which all main components are integrated into one package. It is literally plug and play.”

Unique features

  • Relaxing on the water with only the sound of the nature
  • Emission free boating with the performance of a diesel engine
  • Low maintenance cost

The E-LINE motor is equipped with a smart, water-cooled 48V controller, developed specially for electric boating, enabling the user to charge the battery bank with a 24V battery charger.

Due to the innovative liquid cooling, boaters benefit from the maximum power from the motor and the maximum range from the batteries for a full day on the water without any limitations. The monitoring panels ensure the energy levels are easy to gauge.

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