Improved boating experience

Experience more possibilities and unmatched comfort on board when your VETUS marine diesel engine comes to life with a healthy roar. From the moment you turn the key, a cleaner, smoother, quieter, and more powerful boating experience begins. VETUS’s view on the ideal diesel engine goes beyond output power. Each VETUS diesel engine embraces performance, efficiency, and comfort in every single ring, rod, and gasket.

Improving comfort and pleasure on board are key points of VETUS diesel engines. Our pioneering technologies in air filtering and covering reduce engine sound levels up to 5 dB(A).

Marine Diesel Engine - VETUS

Let your boat perform to its fullest potential with a VETUS diesel engine

With a VETUS diesel engine on board, you are in the position to enjoy every moment on the water to the max. Not only because of the power on board, but because you know VETUS has paid a boatload of attention to efficiency, safety, sound reduction, and development.

As a boat owner, you know that a high engine-room temperature has a negative effect on the performance of your diesel engine. At VETUS, we have developed a unique water-cooled, aluminium top cover that significantly reduces temperatures (by up to 15ºC) by absorbing radiant heat. This cooler ambient temperature improves the combustion of the diesel engine by creating a more efficient air supply to the engine. The sturdy top cover with an air-filter housing is also designed to reduce the sound level of your engine up to 5 dB(A), which makes boating more pleasant for your ears.

Marine Diesel Engine - VETUS

In-house development and marinization for the best performance and reliability

For over 50 years, robustness and performance have been the signature of VETUS engines. From in-house developed marinization solutions to partnerships with the world’s leading engine manufacturers, VETUS has been leading the innovation race with reliable marine engines suitable for many types of boats.

We are experienced marine component makers with skilled engineers. This ensures high-quality, reliable diesel engines. Our in-house development ensures product control. Therefore, we offer one of the market’s best warranties.

Less maintenance means more time on the water

VETUS engines are designed for easy installation and minimal maintenance requirements. All the maintenance parts, such as fuel filters, relays, impellers, and oil filters, are on one side of the engine for easy access. Even the wiring placement is meticulously designed to offer easy connection and extra safety during installation and maintenance. And, with our self-bleeding fuel system, replacing your fuel filters is more convenient than ever.

Even the water-cooled top cover intends as a step, making manoeuvring around the engine even easier.

Expertise and trust

For over five decades, VETUS has only partnered with the most discerning shipyards around the world. As a result, we know the demands a customer has. And, as a long-time partner of industry-leading suppliers, such as Deutz and Mitsubishi, we can deliver. We have a global network of 2,000+ dealers. This keeps us vigilant, ensuring top-quality engines and service for you.

Refit and repower with a VETUS marine diesel engine

A new VETUS engine brings you the benefits of a highly fuel efficient, high-power marine diesel engine, as well as lower maintenance costs. Improved performance, reduction of noise and vibration levels, and better manoeuvrability within your favourite waterways gives you peace of mind, knowing your boat has a truly reliable and sturdy diesel engine, designed to please and endure every knot ahead for many seasons to come.

Because of our extensive experience, selective choice of materials, solid partnerships, in-house marinization, and stringent quality control, we have the confidence to offer you five years of warranty on your new engine. And with a worldwide service network, we can cover your needs during a refit, rebuild, or repower.

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