Your complete system solution to effectively reduce pitch and roll

The fully automatic, hydraulically-operated VETUS fins are designed for boats between 10m and 23m LOA, significantly reducing their rolling movement in bad weather or heavy swells.

With complete system supplier VETUS as your partner, you can select a stand-alone stabilizer system or we can design and supply the entire hydraulic system to meet your specifications.

Boat owners with VETUS stabilizer fins installed will experience improved on-board comfort, steady steering even under autopilot and reduced risk of seasickness, plus their boat will increase in value.

Why select VETUS stabilizers?

Fitted to a vessel’s port and starboard midships sections underwater, the VETUS solution consists of a hydraulically-actuated pair of stainless steel fins. They are computer controlled by an on-board gyroscope with the capability to automatically change their angle to counteract roll caused by waves or wind. With the gearbox in neutral or astern, the fins will centre automatically, reducing drag and facilitating manoeuvring in the marina.

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