Freshwater Systems: The Essence of Clean Living Afloat

Clean freshwater isn’t just a convenience; it’s a lifeline. As boaters ourselves, we understand that every drop of water matters. So, whether you’re navigating open waters or anchored in a secluded cove, choose a freshwater system that can provide a constant and reliable source of fresh water.

Our Freshwater Solutions

Setting up a freshwater system with VETUS is easy. The main components are:

Water Tank

VETUS’s fresh water tanks are simple to install, easy to maintain and compact for space-saving purposes.

VETUS offers three types of tanks depending on requirements and space – high-grade synthetic rigid tanks which are available in different shapes and sizes; Ready-to-go tanks which are pre-equipped with an electric waste water pump, tank gauge sender, inspection lid and all connections required for pump out and breather hoses; Flexible water tanks which are made of durable material and are easily positioned in places which are normally difficult to reach.

 Water Heater

The premium double wall design of VETUS’s water heater will heat up fresh water five to seven times faster than conventional designs.

Pressurised Water System

This provides a constant water flow in the freshwater circuit of the boat.


Finally, hoses, connection kits, level sensors and tank gauges will be needed to complete the system.

Cleaning & Inspecting the Tanks

The water in your boat’s freshwater tank won’t always stay fresh and will need inspecting and cleaning regularly. It’s crucial to have easy access to the freshwater tank for inspection and cleaning purposes. VETUS’s ILT all-in-one system features an innovative inspection port which is easy to open even after being closed for a long time. VETUS’ advice is to install as many inspection lids as necessary to check, rinse, and clean the tank thoroughly as part of an annual maintenance schedule. As bacteria growth increases exponentially with time, regular preventative servicing is key to ensure these critical systems remain reliable.

The “clamp and seal” design of the ILT’s inspection port simplifies installation, making the drilling of a Ø 159 mm hole the hardest part of the installation.

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Waste Systems: Navigating Responsible Disposal at Sea

Navigating the seas comes with a responsibility to safeguard its pristine beauty and brings with it a responsibility to be somewhat of an environmental custodian. Waste disposal on boats demands a thoughtful approach, considering both convenience and environmental impact. VETUS advocates for responsible waste management, acknowledging the delicate balance between modern conveniences and the preservation of our oceans.

Just as with our freshwater systems, VETUS employs sophisticated materials in crafting waste systems. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond functionality, ensuring that the materials used contribute to minimizing the ecological footprint. Sailors today can now navigate with peace of mind, knowing that their waste systems align with their environmental values.

Why Choose a VETUS Wastewater System?

VETUS’s Wastewater systems are simple to install, easy to maintain and compact for space-saving purposes. The systems come with a pre-fitted pump, discharge pipe, breather, inspection lid and ultrasonic sensor. Some tips for installation:

Hoses: Make sure the outlet hoses are properly installed with a constant fall towards the holding tank. Flush the hoses thoroughly with sufficient fresh water every time the toilet is used.

Flushing: Flush your hoses sufficiently. Installing a VETUS electric toilet also helps. These toilets have a powerful macerator pump with 19 mm discharge that ensures all wastewater is pumped through the hoses at high pressure, and less water is needed to flush them.

Holding tank: The thick walls of VETUS’s synthetic holding tanks make them completely odour proof. The hose connection kit and fittings with watertight seals ensure that no leaks can occur. Empty and rinse the tank regularly. All VETUS wastewater tanks are certified according to ISO 8099.

Ventilation: Proper ventilation is the main requirement for an odourless system. It is very important that the tank is well ventilated. Use large diameter fittings and VETUS hoses for ventilation. Make sure that the hoses are not clogged! As an option you can install a No-Smell filter in the ventilation hoses.

Tank Fresh: A concentrate of completely organic bacteria that break down faeces in the wastewater system without emitting any odour. Any well-designed wastewater system can function virtually without odour just by using Tank Fresh.

Electric toilets

VETUS electric toilets come with high quality soft close and quick release seat / lid and operate at the touch of a button. Low maintenance and low water consumption. Feature a very low noise macerator pump and requires only a 19 mm diameter outlet.

Equipped with porcelain toilet bowl, stainless steel (AISI 316) macerator blades and a non-return valve.

Wastewater Inspection Ports & Accessories

As with freshwater systems, VETUS’s ILT inspection port allows easy access to the wastewater tank.

Although not mandatory as with fuel tanks, a large inspection port in a wastewater tank will make cleaning easier. Having all the connections at a single point also makes inspection simpler. The VETUS wastewater disc is supplied with everything you need. For your wastewater tank, it doesn’t matter if it’s a custom-made steel, aluminium, or a VETUS thick-walled rigid tank. To make the opening and closing of ILT lids easy and hassle-free, VETUS has developed the WRILT, a well-designed lid opener to facilitate the motion of stubborn lids.

Click here to find out more about the VETUS wastewater product range

Boating Responsibly

Our connection with the seas goes beyond the thrill of the wind in our sails. It involves a commitment to responsible living, both for us and the environment. At VETUS, we understand this bond and strive to enhance your maritime experience by providing sophisticated waste and freshwater systems.

So, whether you’re exploring distant shores or anchored in a secluded bay, let your journey be marked by the responsible use of water and the conscious disposal of waste. Choose systems that reflect your commitment to sustainability.

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