Why Do You Need To Refit Or Repower Your Boat

Pleasure-boat owners long for the moment they set foot aboard their boat. Everything is forgotten and worries vanish into thin air. Their sense of happiness is only enhanced when the engine comes to life with a roar.

Your marine engine, after serving for extended periods of time, may start showing occasional glitches on your trips out on the water. While boat maintenance and boat services are vital, you shouldn’t judge an engine’s lifespan by its operational hours alone. Therefore, you might want to think about repowering your boat when:

  • Your existing boat engine is becoming unreliable
  • You start losing horsepower
  • The engine fuel consumption rises above the normal range
  • Boat maintenance become more costly and frequent
  • You want to experience the benefits of new technology

Benefits Of Boat Repowering

With a new engine, your boat restores its life. You will experience greater fuel efficiency and a lower environmental impact. Experience new power, responsiveness, and an overall smoother and quieter way of boating. With VETUS marine engines, compatible with a wide variety of boat types, you get:

  • Improved acceleration, power, and responsiveness
  • Lower running costs
  • Less boat maintenance costs and boat repair time
  • Enhanced fuel efficiency and lower environmental impact
  • The option to upgrade to the latest electronics, controls, and diagnostics with interconnectivity to modern multi-function displays
  • An overall smoother, quieter, and more pleasurable boating experience

Boat maintenance; Around the engine

When repowering your engine you need to consider replacing your ‘around the engine’ equipment as well. This includes exhaust, propellers, fuel tank, push-pull cables, engine mounts, strainers, shafts, hoses and sound insulation.


Why choose VETUS?

At VETUS we set the industry standard when it comes to designing complete boat systems and making your life on board more enjoyable. We give customers peace of mind of knowing their vessels’ most essential systems will work, even when pushed to their limits.

We design and develop solutions in-house using the best engineering resources because our products are crucial to the boating experience. It’s no surprise that leading yacht builders and marine training establishments look to us for expertise and partnership. We join forces with boat builders to deliver the best experience. Every day, our unwavering commitment to product quality and unparalleled support earns the trust of our customers.. We are accountable not only to our customers, but to all those who have contributed to the VETUS mission since 1964.

When repowering or refitting your boat, we got you covered. From diesel engines to electric propulsion solutions and everything around the engine. VETUS can offer you complete boat systems to facilitate your repowering.

Meet our customers that have thrust in the power of a VETUS engine.


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