Systems Required Around My Marine Engine

Fuel Systems

VETUS specializes in providing reliable and efficient fuel systems for boats, offering products and accessories. Ensuring smooth engine operation, safety, and environmental compliances. Contaminants like water, rust, and micro-organisms in the fuel system. These can cause blockages resulting in considerable damage to the engine and its parts. Therefore, VETUS advises to always use a pre-filter or water separator to prevent unnecessary damage.

Spin-on Filters

A patented fuel flow system which separates water from the fuel before it flows back through the filter. VETUS Spin-on filters provide a unique solution for your engine. These fuel filters have an increased filtering surface and are five times more efficient than conventional fuel filters. A transparent bowl makes checking easy. Potentially available with an additional supplement of a manual pump, made for easy bleeding of the fuel system. VETUS recommends a double spin-on filter for boats making long trips in rough conditions. Also supplied with a vacuum gauge.

Centrifugal Fuel Filters

The Centrifugal Fuel Filters function as a modular system. With six filters maximum, one is in for reserve. The fuel inlet and outlet are configurable in the same or opposite direction.

VETUS supplies all accessories needed to install a complete fuel system in your boat. From fuel tanks, splash stop (which prevents overflowing during filling your diesel tank), stainless steel deck entry, fuel-, filling- and breather hoses, no-smell diesel filter to fuel tank connection kits.

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Remote Control Systems

The remote control system of a marine engine is designed to make it easier to maneuver the boat and to control the boats propulsion. There are two different types of remote controls; mechanical an electronic.

Mechanical Remote Control

A remote control consists of a handle which operates the accelerator and gearbox (forward and reverse) via a push-pull cable. VETUS produces mechanical as well as electronic remote controls in different versions. A neutral switch comes standard with the mechanical remote controls, preventing the engine from starting when the remote control is active. Available as a top or side mounting, suitable for single or twin engines, with a stainless steel or synthetic housing and/or handle.

Electronic Remote Control

The Electronic Remote Control model EC4 is made from high-grade stainless steel. And predominantly used by bigger boats and sailing yachts. The EC4 has Canbus communication and is suitable for single as well as twin engine installations. It can have multiple helm stations with identical control at all stations. It is available in 12V or 24V and is suitable for many engine/gearbox combinations (mechanical/electronic). Options like trolling valve mode, trim tab and bow thruster control are also available.

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Marine Engine Cooling Water System

Marine engine cooling systems utilize water from the surrounding environment to absorb and dissipate the heat produced by the engine during operation. Regular maintenance of these systems is crucial to prevent corrosion, blockages, and overheating, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the marine engine.

Cooling Water Strainer

The internal engine coolant of marine diesel engines often cools by sea water by employing a heat exchanger. With this cooling system it is essential to install a water strainer in the suction pipe before the raw water pump, which should be easily accessible. Otherwise, all the dirt from the sea water could end up in the sea water pump or the heat exchanger.

VETUS has a wide range of water strainers in its catalogue, and they all have a transparent cover for easy checks without taking them apart. Always ensure installations are above the waterline by at least 15cm. But with the advanced FTR330.M crafted from premium NAVIDURIN© and our CWS water strainers, you now have the freedom to install even below the waterline. Correct setup and upkeep are vital for system efficiency and avoiding damage. Furthermore, VETUS supplies connection kits consisting of a seacock, through hull and cooling water hoses, necessary for installation of VETUS water strainers.

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Marine Engine Exhaust System

VETUS offers “wet” exhaust systems, injecting the engine cooling water into the exhaust line. Preferred over a ‘dry’ exhaust system because the temperature of exhaust gases can be extremely high (up to 600°C for diesel engines). By mixing the engine cooling water with the exhaust gases, the temperature inside the exhaust system is much lower. Moreover, dry exhaust systems also create a lot of noise and unpleasant smell of exhaust fumes. Using wet marine exhaust systems reduces this issue. In addition, the pipes of a dry exhaust system are extremely hot needing which prevents by using a wet exhaust system.


A Waterlock is especially important to install in the exhaust line as you want to prevent the water running back into the engine when the engine stops and therefore should have sufficient capacity. The VETUS waterlocks have excellent noise reduction with minimal back pressure. They are available in varied sizes and with rotating connections.

The NLP waterlocks have a dual stage construction with an upper and lower chamber which results in low noise levels. Ideal for confined engine rooms this waterlock model is 360° rotatable in combination with rotatable connections. The NLP3 is a horizontal waterlock perfect for confined spaces. It is the quietest waterlock in the world as it has three chambers which results in a noise reduction of 10 dB.

The LS series has a larger capacity, designed especially for long exhaust lines. The MG waterlocks are for bigger, high-performance boats with a drain valve for winter storage. For single or twin-engine installations. Designed for heavy duty applications, the NLPD and HPW series are perfect for military and commercial vessels. These waterlocks are made from NAVIDURIN©, an exceptionally durable composite innovated specially by VETUS. They perform perfectly under adverse conditions like extreme heat and friction. All NAVIDURIN© waterlocks have acquired the Lloyds approval. VETUS recommends always installing an exhaust temperature alarm to prevent the engine from overheating.

Exhaust Hose

To complete the VETUS exhaust system, VETUS can also supply exhaust hoses in assorted sizes. VETUS exhaust hoses are extremely flexible, which makes the installation of the exhaust system quick and easy. Furthermore, all VETUS exhaust hoses have the Lloyds approval.


If the injection point of used cooling water is situated less than 15cm above the water line, there is a chance that cooling water will draw back into the engine when the engine shuts off. Also known as the siphoning-effect. To prevent the engine from siphoning, VETUS recommends installing an airvent, like the ASDV. Airvents must be installed at least 40cm above the waterline. The airvent is self-contained with an anti-siphon pressure valve. Furthermore, when the exhaust system needs cleaning it can easily dismantled and restored.

A complete exhaust system consists of a waterlock, muffler, gooseneck, transom connection and exhaust hose. A muffler mixes the water and gas even better and gives gas less volume which is a highly effective silencer. A gooseneck prevents water entering the exhaust via the transom connection. As extra safety an exhaust temperature sensor can be installed in the exhaust hose which gives an alarm signal when there is no seawater in the exhaust line. In case there is less space in the engine room, there are also VETUS products available to combine a waterlock/muffler (NLPH, MV, MF) and a gooseneck/muffler (NLPG).

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Stern Gear System

The Stern Gear System is one of the most vital systems in a boat. In combination with the marine diesel engine, it takes care of the performance of the boat. The stern gear system comprises the components connecting the marine engine to the propeller, including the propeller shaft, bearings, and seal, facilitating power transfer and propulsion in boats.

Propeller Shaft

The Propeller shaft is pure stainless steel (Duplex 1-4462). A more corrosion resistant material unlike the AISI316 or Aquamet 17 or 22, which results in more wear and tear. In addition, the tensile strength is 30% greater and the hardness is 40% higher AISI316. Due to the hardness of the VETUS propeller shaft, it has excellent running properties in rubber bearings. All propeller shafts have a 1:10 taper and key way and are supplied with a key and propeller nut with integrated zinc anode.

Stern Tube

The Propeller Shaft installs inside a stern tube which is available in several types of materials such as bronze, steel or GRP. Which depends on the type of boat the stern tube is in. The stern tube comes standard with one inner bearing and a mounting flange. Depending on the length of the stern gear system, engine power and shaft speed rotation (shaft rpm) the stern tube needs to have a 2nd or 3rd inner bearing so that the propeller shaft will stay well aligned.

VETUS can advise you on the right configuration of your stern gear system on board. For larger stern gear systems VETUS can supply an in-house produced customized system.

Self-Aligning Rubber Bearing

Engineered for the VETUS water lubricated stern gear system. The ZWBH seals consist of three lip seals and installs on the VETUS stern tube. It has minimal friction and is oil and grease resistant. The ZWBH comes standard with a 3/8” x 10mm hose pillar, used for water injection. For water lubrication you can use water from the main engine’s raw water circuit by installing the ZWBKIT or with a water scoop. Additionally, the WCAPS install in the hull of the boat.


The propeller is one of the most essential parts of your boat as the performance depends highly on the quality, balance, dimensions, material, and blade area of the propeller. To determine the correct propeller information of the boat such as weight, length of the waterline, engine power, rpm, ratio, and hull shape is necessary. Indeed, with this information, our specialists can calculate the correct propeller for your boat. VETUS can offer three, four and even a five-blade propeller depending on the type of boat, speed, available propeller space and efficiency. Therefore, determining the correct configuration for the propeller will result in the best possible performance of your boat and a fuel-efficient running engine.


Flexible Couplings

A marine diesel engine installed directly onto an engine bed without a flexible coupling will vibrate terribly and create a lot of noise. Whereas, installing flexible engine support a flexible coupling between the engine and the stern gear system which is necessary to reduce vibrations and makes boating more comfortable.


VETUS offers a variety of flexible coupling solutions. The type of flexible coupling depends on the power of the engine, shaft rpm and available space. The VETUS Bullflex is the answer to the increasing demand for greater boating comfort. The flexible coupling’s rubber element guarantees a silent and vibration-free transmission between the engine and propeller shaft, with no backlash.

It has excellent alignment with the propeller shaft and can have a 2° misalignment. Furthermore, it prevents shearing off (axial and radial), ensuring safe transmission under all circumstances. Furthermore, for smaller installations (up to 30mm), you can also choose the Combiflex, Uniflex, and for engine installations with a V-drive gearbox the KO5 flexible coupling.

Constant Velocity Joint (VDR)

The VETUS Drive is a combination of a self-aligning thrust bearing and a double acting constant velocity joint. VETUS Drives absorbs the propeller thrust, allowing for use of softer, flexible engine supports and reducing vibrations and noise transmission. Additonally, the VDR is durable, has a long lifetime and is suitable for a maximum thrust of up to 24000N.


When it comes to ensuring dependable performance for your marine engine, look no further than VETUS. We pride ourselves on supplying all the systems you need, offering a one-stop-shopping experience for boat owners worldwide. With our high-quality components, you can trust that every aspect of your engine will last and perform at its best. At VETUS, we understand the importance of seamless integration and compatibility. That is why every component we provide functions in perfect harmony with each other and your engine. Our systems meld together to form a large engine eco-system, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency for your vessel. We back our products with an industry-leading 5-year warranty, giving you peace of mind and confidence in the reliability of our systems.

When you choose VETUS, you are choosing a trusted partner in marine engine dressing, offering not just individual components, but a complete and integrated solution for your boating needs. Experience the difference with VETUS and take your marine engine’s performance to new heights with our dependable and comprehensive systems.

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