Fully integrated boat control system

Yamaha Helm Master® EX is a fully integrated boat control system that makes navigating and getting to your destination easier, and once you arrive, gives a whole new level of control to precisely manoeuvre your craft to exactly where and how you want it. The addition of a VETUS BOW PRO thruster to a Yamaha Helm Master® EX equipped boat dramatically improves the slow speed authority and ease of berthing, increasing safety and vessel usability. There is nothing quite like the confidence that this level of integrated control gives you during what were previously the most stressful aspects of boat handling.

Integration VETUS BOW PRO thrusters with Yamaha outboards

VETUS BOW PRO – Helm Master® EX Features and Benefits

  • When activated, the integrated bow thruster is an on-demand, self-activating feature that works in concert with the Helm Master® EX joystick to enhance lateral movement and pivoting by automatically engaging the bow thruster in variable speed to match operator input
  • The bow thruster automatically compliments SetPoint® functions (StayPoint®, FishPoint®, DriftPoint® and DriftPoint Track®)
  • Available for single, twin and triple engine configurations
  • Operators can selectively activate this feature to integrate power and operation of the bow thruster and Helm Master® EX system through the joystick

VETUS BOW PRO thrusters integration with Yamaha control system

VETUS has made sure that all BOW PRO thrusters are suitable for integration with the Yamaha control system. This VETUS-Yamaha Marine integrated solution requires Yamaha’s upgraded Helm Master® EX controls and is applicable for use with Yamaha outboards boats with twin or triple engine configurations.

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