Vetus bow thruster integrated in joystick control systems

Dock and manouevre like a pro

Whether experienced or novice operators, the idea of having to manouevre your vessel into a tight berth or a narrow fairway under less than perfect conditions can take the shine off even the sunniest day. For many years, the use of bow and stern thrusters compensated, allowing for greater control and precise corrections. Likewise, joystick technology brought control at your fingertips broadening even novice operators sense of control.

Recent announcements have highlighted new options to command outboards and thrusters together, seamlessly operated from one joystick control. The good news for boatbuilders and boat owners is that this latest combined technology is available on the market. These integrated solutions ensure full control, minimizing the prospect of damage or injury due to handling errors and mishaps. Boat handlers can relax and trust the boat will maneuver as they wish, even in challenging conditions.

VETUS Thruster Integrations: Outboard Engines

VETUS Thruster Integrations: Inboard Engines

Boat docking with integrated bow thruster in joystick control system

Peace of Mind with VETUS

VETUS has half a century of experience in uncompromising manufacturing methods and stringent quality control. Combine that with our strong network of specialized distributors and dealers, and you know you are getting the expert support and advice you deserve.

The VETUS BOW PRO is a oneofakind thruster, which is standard fully proportional controlled. This thruster is supplied with brushless induction motors. Therefore, the bow/stern thruster motor is maintenancefree and has a much longer runtime compared to conventional DC thrusters. Our BOW PRO thruster also comes with a threeyear equipment warranty.

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