By following our 7 recommended steps, you are guaranteed to be safe in even the most unpredictable conditions for years to come and it won’t take longer than 10 minutes! 

Windlass maintenance

Note: Before doing any maintenance work on electric motor, starter units or wiring, make sure you switch the power supply off. Don’t forget to secure the anchor before disassembling the windlass!

1. Check rope and chain for wear

Even though this is something that you need to do the entirety of the season, it is also important to do this when making sure your windlass is ready for the season. Check the rope for wear and wash it down with fresh water.


2. Remove chainwheel, strip and grease clutch and bearing

Take off the chainwheel first. Next, take apart, clean, and grease the clutch and bearing. Check the manual for specific steps. Once it’s put back together, spray the top parts with CRC3037, CRC6-66, or WD40 to protect them.


3. Inspect seals and gearbox of your Windlass

This is a great preventative maintenance item, doing it regularly will keep the interface clean of salt build up and allow you to clean the top of the gearbox and its seal. This area is the number one cause for problems in later years.

Split the gearbox from the spacer tube, then clean and re-grease the surfaces that come together. Inspect the gearbox for any seal damage. Since the gearbox is lubricated for life, you don’t need to change the oil unless you spill some. However, always make sure to check and top up the gearbox oil level as necessary.


4. Check and remove rust buildup

Remove any corrosion that has built up. Clean the affected areas and touch up the paint if needed. This is particularly important for the gearbox and motor. To provide extra protection, apply a suitable protective product like CRC3013.


5. Check electrical power connections

Special attention should be given to the motor terminals, footswitch terminals, terminals on the reversing solenoids, as well as the battery and isolator terminals to verify that all are functioning correctly. Spray the motor connection with CRC3013 for extra protection.


6. Check tightness of fasteners

Examine and ensure all fasteners are securely tightened.


7. Extra: Clean and polish

Accumulation of dirt and debris is the biggest problem for any equipment. Routinely wash down the above deck portion of the winch and chain with clean fresh water.

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Do it yourself service manual for the MAXWELL RC 8 anchor winch

The RC8 anchor windlass is made to last: sturdy construction from high quality components. Mounted on the foredeck it will be subjected to salt, silt and beach sand. Servicing is a quick and straightforward job, this video shows you the tools that you need (Is also applicable for the RC10 windlass)

Other service manual videos:

RC12 anchor windlass
VWC 2500 anchor windlass
HRCFF horizontal windlass

Global support

In the competitive realm of boat building, Maxwell has consistently acknowledged the importance of rapid distribution and worldwide support. Over the years, Maxwell has set up distribution centers and service agents across the globe. Whether you require a windlass delivered to the Marquesas or serviced in Fort Lauderdale, Maxwell commits to meeting your needs efficiently.

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