Type VDR

Shaft alignment is a difficult part of engine installation, and even the slightest error can cause unwanted vibration, additional noise and worse (not only in the long run). The VETUS engineers responsible for propulsion systems therefore feel that they represent the heart of the vessel, choosing only to work with the best quality materials. A product that they are especially proud of, and that has proven it’s reliability over the last years is the VETUS constant-velocity joint with integral thrust bearing, the VETUS VDR.

The VETUS VDR provides more freedom for engine movement due to the combination of a self-aligning thrust bearing and a double acting constant velocity joint. The heavy duty VDR range is suitable for maximum thrust up to 24 000 N (type 6). This high quality product has been tested under arduous conditions. The propeller thrust is transmitted by the inbuilt thrust bearing, allowing the engine to be set up on softer mountings. This results in lower vibration and transmitted engine noise. It is possible to deliver a VETUS Drive for all sorts of gearboxes.

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