Simply silent, simply electrifying
Experience undisturbed peace, unrestricted sailing, and a carefree boating experience with the press of a button. VETUS intelligent and modular electric-propulsion systems are easy to install (or refit) and bring performance, efficiency, and convenience to your boating adventures. With VETUS electric propulsion, you are always ready for a prime time on the water. A full day of pure enjoyment is now within your reach.

Connecting with yourself, nature, family, and friends goes better with VETUS E-DRIVES.
Years of development and thousands of hours of testing were spent to develop proprietary technologies that virtually eliminate noise without compromising performance. And, because VETUS E-DRIVES are compliant with all environmental regulations, you can say goodbye to more than just the noise of a diesel engine … Say goodbye to emissions, fumes, exhaust, and environmental restrictions, too!

Experience long, worry-free days on the water
VETUS E-DRIVES will bring you the ultimate convenience on the water. There’s no need to wait for the engine to warm up … Just board and go! And, with a high starting torque, you will quickly be underway with powerful and fast acceleration.

Choose how you want to cruise with three propulsion modes: NORMAL, ECO and POWER. In ECO mode, the maximum power of the E-DRIVE is limited, extending your cruising range to the max. POWER mode will unleash peak output performance for fast manoeuvres, allowing you to reach up to 13,3 kW at 1.600 RPM.

Never worry about your day on the water being cut short. With VETUS electric-propulsion systems, you have access to a comprehensive set of real-time data so you can actively monitor your battery and your range. And, with the right battery pack, you can cruise all day long.

Compact, All-in-One Design
Don’t judge a VETUS E-DRIVE by its compact design. Just because it doesn’t take up much space in your engine room doesn’t mean it isn’t BIG on features. VETUS electric-propulsion systems offer numerous intelligent-boating advantages:

  • Sailing Assist gives you multiple motor mappings with adaptive RPM curve technology to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Active-electric-breaking technology allows for quick and active manoeuvrability. Reversing course in a split second or coming to a full stop at one boat length is a reality.
  • Advanced motor electronics feature a battery-protection function that will safeguard your battery bank against damages, increasing its service life cycle.
  • The patented motor controlling unit actively monitors the battery to prevent any unwanted damages.
  • With the boosted-battery-charge function, the 48-VDC battery pack can be charged with a 24-VDC charger. This innovative solution allows boats to be built with a safer, lower voltage network.

Refits Made Easy
VETUS electric-propulsion systems are designed to be compact and easy to install. The supplied mounting brackets and motor mounts facilitate a quick refit. Thanks to highly adjustable mounting brackets with motor mounts that can be easily adjusted in height, length, and width and set to different angles (0° and 8°), VETUS E-DRIVES can be mounted on almost any existing engine foundation. Additionally, VETUS electric-propulsion motors are designed to be backwards compatible with your current stern-gear installation.

How Much Will It Cost Me?
Worried about getting into electric boating? Fear not. In the long run, VETUS E-DRIVES will make your overall boating experience better, cleaner, and cheaper. No gasket changes, oil changes, carburettor cleanings, or air- or fuel-filter changes mean less downtime and less maintenance costs. This, combined with no fuel expenses, ultimately make electric boats cheaper.

Peace of Mind with VETUS
VETUS has over 25 years of expertise in pioneering electric-propulsion-system design and engineering plus nearly half a century of experience in uncompromising manufacturing methods and stringent quality control. Combine that with our strong network of specialized distributors and dealers, and you know you are getting the expert support and advice you deserve.


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