The SOLAS range

With four models in the SOLAS approved engine range,
VETUS can offer the best suitable engine for a wide range of
rescue boats and tenders.

The range comprises of four models
  • M3.28 – 27hp @ 3600 rpm
  • M4.15 – 33hp @ 3000 rpm
  • M4.17 – 42hp @ 3000 rpm
  • M4.55 – 52hp @ 3000 rpm

All models can be modified to the specific SOLAS standards.

  • Stops automatically if inverted. If this occurs, leakage of oil and fuel is minimal
  • Can be restarted immediately after righting
  • Starts at temperatures down to minus 15°C
  • Operates when submerged in water to the crankshaft level
  • Can operate intermittently with a maximum inclination of 30°
  • Is available in either keel cooled or intercooled versions
  • A SOLAS instrument panel is supplied as standard

SOLAS Options

All SOLAS engines can be equipped with the following optional equipment:

  • Fire fighting pump
  • Engine heating (42 Volt)
  • Spring starter
  • Hydraulic starter
  • Extended instrument panels
  • A complete propeller shaft system
  • Remote control
  • Spare part kit

Complementary equipment

VETUS also designs and manufactures all the auxiliary equipment to fit ‘around the engine’, thus ensuring a perfect installation. Think for example of engine controls, cooling water filters, sound insulation, stern gear, exhaust, and fuel systems.

For more information about these systems, please ask your dealer, consult the VETUS catalogue or visit

Warranty and service

A VETUS engine brings with it 40 years of experience in producing reliable and compact marine engines, ensuring safe and continuous boating pleasure for all customers. We believe that our customers deserve the best when choosing VETUS, therefore all our SOLAS engines come with a 1-year warranty in accordance with the VETUS Guarantee and Service conditions.

Furthermore, all our customers can rely on the VETUS dealer network, which provides service, spare parts and a specialised point of contact worldwide.

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