Exhaust systems for high-performance craft

These mufflers are specially developed for fast craft with powerful engines, where very often there is no space available for installation of a waterlock and/or gooseneck.

The waterlocks and the transom connection type TC are provided with a check valve (”flapper”), which ensures that under no circumstances (e.g. when in waves or manoeuvring astern) can the seawater flow towards the engine. Therefore, this system makes the installation of a gooseneck unnecessary.



  • Application in combination with water-injected exhaust systems only
  • All plastic parts are made of synthetic materials (no corrosion)
  • Tremendous reduction of exhaust noise
  • Back pressure is absolutely minimal
  • Compact dimensions and light-weight
  • Stainless steel (AISI 316) mounting brackets for the muffler are standard supply
  • For waterlock type MV a temperature sensor for a raw water alarm is optional and can be supplied with the muffler
  • Available for Ø 90 to Ø150 mm exhaust systems
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