Custom made Marex

A very important aspect in producing accurate windows is eliminating measuring errors. A custom made window that does not fit cannot be easily adapted. Our engineers work closely with our clients, interchanging 3D designs, to make sure the final glazing solution meets their demands. If no 3D file is available, Marex has a system available to digitally measure the window aperture to a high degree of accuracy.

All Marex windows comply with EN ISO 12216 appliance location area  AI, AII or AIII. High quality fittings and durable rubber seals are used. A quality product that is also affordable. Please ask for a quotation.


  • Each window is made to the dimensions or template supplied by the customer
  • Window types available: fixed, sliding, half-drop, hinged or combi windows
  • Glass type available: toughened single or double glazed. Glass can be clear or tinted
  • Corner types available: rounded with a choice of radii or mitred corners
  • Corner radii available: 65, 75, 90 or 105mm
  • The external frame joints are invisibly brazed for strength and water tightness
  • All aluminium frames are polished before applying the surface finish
  • Frame finishes available: anodized clear or powder coated in black (RAL9005) or white (RAL9010)
    For any other colour, please contact your VETUS representative


  • All windows are manufactured in accordance with CE-directives and comply with EN ISO 12216
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