14 июля, 2024

Press Release — New VETUS HQ

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VETUS Announces New Purpose-Built Headquarters

VETUS has signed an agreement for a newly built, state-of-the-art headquarters, with the move scheduled for mid-2024

The waterfront and purpose-built HQ will be constructed in the same neighborhood of Schiedam, where VETUS founder Willem den Ouden started the business from his home, nearly 60 years ago. The plans for the new 9,500 m² facility offer a thoughtfully laid out office space to encourage collaboration and creativity and will vastly improve the employee environment. It will also increase the warehouse space to double the current capacity, as part of company’s growth strategy and will be able to cater for the evolving needs of VETUS customers. Additionally, the location will offer better facilities to showcase products and conduct in-water tests with dedicated mooring spaces for VETUS demo boats.

The building will feature a rooftop solar panel array, generating much of its own energy, and won’t use any natural gas to heat up the building, relying instead on sophisticated heat pumps. This means the building will be almost energy neutral, perfectly fitting the VETUS sustainability ethos.

According to Marcel Borsboom, CEO, VETUS: “After 50 years of VETUS being housed in the Fokkerstraat in Schiedam, it’s exciting to be moving into this impressive HQ in 2024 which will also be our 60th anniversary year. This light, bright, modern facility has been designed with the latest thinking on maximising staff wellbeing and effective collaboration, that will make VETUS much more attractive as an employer, and it places us in, what is fast becoming, a marine cluster. In recent years, several plots on Havenstraat have been (re)developed into high-quality office buildings and various light-industrial business units, mainly aimed at the maritime industry. Commercial marine companies such as Palfinger, Jumbo Maritime, Wärtsilä and Boluda Towage are already located here.”

The new warehouse will be equipped with the latest developments in automated storage and retrieval systems and have a significantly greater pallet capacity than in the current VETUS warehouse, helping the company to store, process, and ship its products in a much more efficient way.

This move is part of VETUS’ wider and long-term strategy for growth and development, which has seen the increase of its global presence through the opening of new branch offices, as well as multiple regional team expansions. All of which have been driven by the positive and significant increase in sales. Sales for fiscal year 2022 will end on an unprecedented high and has in total increased to over 40% since 2019. VETUS has confidence for the future, with recent key partnerships with Yamaha and Mercury, and successful launches of innovative products in the proven E-line & E-Pod electric propulsion ranges, BOW PRO thrusters, and connected systems.

VETUS is part of YANMAR Marine International. Together with YANMAR and its companies, including SmartgyroFlexofold and GetMyBoat, with a mission to enhance the entire boating experience.

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About VETUS – Creator of Boat Systems

Founded in 1964, VETUS sets the global standard in the design and manufacturing of complete onboard boat systems—including engines, generators, bow thrusters and control panels—for recreational and small commercial vessels. VETUS prides itself on innovation and engineers the majority of its 4,000+ product line-up in-house. The company’s commitment to quality, reliability, and delivering a superior customer experience has earned the trust of boaters, yacht builders, and marine training establishments all over the world. VETUS has its headquarters in the Netherlands, with representation in 17 other countries and an unparalleled worldwide distribution and service network.

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