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The electric boating solutions from VETUS

Simply silent, simply electrifying

VETUS introduces a completely electric propulsion package twenty years after introducing the EP2200. With our improved all in one solution, VETUS honours the title “Creator of Boat Systems”. The introduced system group “E-DRIVES” creates a total package, consisting of different modules.

Control the boat like your used to, with only the sound of the water

VETUS Fishing Boat

How long can you sail? A full day with ease!

A long day on the water with peace of mind, now and in the future. Thanks to the cleverly applied liquid cooling, you get the maximum power from the motor and the maximum range from the batteries. A full day on the water without any limitations. With the monitoring panels, the energy levels are easy to gauge and with the right battery pack you can sail all day long.

VETUS Sailing


VETUS’ view of electric boating is compact, complete, very efficient, plug & play and suitable for both new and existing vessels. The VETUS electric propulsion system integrates with our V-CAN bus system and of course meets all emission requirements. Noiseless, infinitely adjustable and equipped with comprehensive protection against overload: the ideal companion for a comfortable trip!

Discover your electric solutions below!

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