26 мая, 2024

48V is now available for the Maxwell P&S range


Maxwell is boosting it up with its new 48V DC motors!

Boat owners not only want reliable, long-lasting gear on their boat, they want style and innovation as well, and with the introduction of the 48V range, Maxwell delivers!

As 48V battery banks continue to grow in popularity, there is a growing demand for 48V versions of high power equipment like propulsion motors, bow thrusters, and windlasses. To acknowledge this growing trend, and to maintain our standing as innovative leaders in anchoring systems, we are now including a “48V upgrade” option for the Maxwell P&S range (RC8 through RC12).

Whatever the voltage of your battery bank (12v, 24v, 48v), Maxwell can supply the gear to suit

Maxwell is the first manufacturer in the world to introduce a 48V option into their anchoring systems range. This allows modern vessels to operate windlasses and winches directly from 48V house bank batteries; an option which will provide space and cost savings. This means that your 48V house bank system can now operate both your VETUS BOW PRO thruster and your Maxwell windlass without the need for additional 12V or 24V batteries up front.

Customer story: Sailing UMA

The first 48V windlass is supplied to Dan and Kika from Sailing Uma. Dan and Kika are sailing around the world and have a well-known YouTube channel ‘Sailing Uma’ with more than 300.000 followers. Watch there story about their Maxwell 48V windlass! And follow there journey!

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