Vertical or horizontal winch – Maxwell offers both

Vertical systems have several advantages: They take up less space on deck and are easier to maintain. They are less expensive than equivalent horizontal models. Chain, or rope/chain alignment with the bow roller, while not as critical as horizontal windlass alignment, should be within a tolerance of about +/- 2% for smooth retrieval of chain or rope/chain. Rode (rope/chain) alignment with RC Series winches is more critical (consult Owner’s Manual).

Horizontal models have the advantage of being better suited to applications where there is extreme deck thickness (over 200mm – 8”), limited below deck accessibility or when two anchors must be handled from one winch.

Chain or robe and chain

The two options for use with windlasses:

A rode consisting entirely of short link anchoring chain provides the ultimate in holding security. Chafe resistance combined with excellent catenary effect ensure the best holding, suitable for use on all Maxwell anchoring windlasses including those designed for use with rope/chain combination rodes.

A rode consisting of a combination of short link chain and nylon rope, provides a good compromise between holding security, weight and shock absorption. A length of chain attached to the anchor provides good chafe resistance for those portions of the rode often touching the sea floor, the remainder of the rode being nylon rope which significantly reduces the weight of the rode and also provides some shock absorbing and noise cancelling. 

Maxwell products

Maxwell offers a complete range of windlasses and accessories, from small pleasure boats to luxurious yachts. We offer the windlasses that suits your needs and boat!

Introduction to Maxwell’s products

To make the proper selection in anchor-handling equipment it is important to give careful consideration to the style and size of boat, the anticipated anchoring conditions, and the weight and type of ground tackle.

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