1. Change the engine oil
2. Change the gearbox oil

VETUS TIP: Dirt and humidity can negatively affect the function of the gearbox. To ensure that your gearbox works properly you should use new oil every year.

3. Check the coolant level
4. Check for leaks in the cooling system
5. Check the V-belt tension
6. Replace the impeller
7. Check the propeller shaft for leaks a/o space
8. Replace the oil and fuel filters
9. Check if the battery poles have been correctly reconnected
10. Check if the batteries have the correct voltage

VETUS TIP: We advise the use of a float charger during winter storage.

11. Check all electrical connections
12. Check all electrical equipment
13. Check the tanks for leakages
14. Check the valves for leaks and functionality
15. Check and clean water strainer

VETUS TIP: Select a cooling water strainer with a transparent cover for easy inspection of the filter without dismantling.

With over 55 years of experience to offer you, we have spent decades creating a full portfolio to meet all your equipment and system needs. From engines, electric propulsion, stern gear/fuel systems, generators, bow thrusters and control panels, to water systems, onboard power and glazing products, we are a one-stop shop. To make life even easier for you, simple installation and maintenance is fundamental to all our systems and products. We are here to make life on the water more enjoyable for you and everyone onboard.

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