March 1, 2018

Product of the month!


Product of this month is the Retractable!

Easy docking, no drag, less noise!

Even for the more experienced skipper, it can be difficult to maneuver the boat in harsh wind conditions and strong currents. With the new line of retractables from VETUS though, anyone can dock and turn a boat even in the smallest of ports!

The Retractable has some big advantages compared to other options in the market. The Retractable has optimized tunnel ergonomics that will produce more power and less noise and all submerged parts are non-corrosive. This new thruster has optimal side support for generated forces and unique safety combinations like a thruster start protection, overload and jam protection and a safety pin protection for lid overload. It is electronically prepared for communication based on CAN protocol a less intricate design and has fewer moving parts.
The Retractable is light weighted, simple and has a compact robust design that will fit all small possible installation places. For either power or sailboat!

The new VETUS retractable, has some big advantages compared to other options in the market

• Patented design (swivel point) – the thruster rotates as one unit
• Less intricate design, fewer moving parts…… lightweight, simple and robust
• Optimized tunnel ergonomics: more power, less noise
• All submerged parts are non-corrosive
• Childproof safety to prevent accidental operation
• Automatic deployment and retracting
• Safety pin protection for lid overload
• Electronically prepared for communication based on CAN protocol
• Automatic retracting and switch off after 15 min.
• Automatic retracting after switching of engine
• Built-in time lapse device when reversing the direction of rotation
• Fast deployment/retracting time
• Unique intelligence to prevent jamming, overload and blocking

The line of retractable bow thrusters is suitable for sail or power vessels up to 20 metres.
A VETUS bow thruster panel is sold separately and the thruster is available in 150 mm, 185 mm and 250 mm tunnel (diameters).

Thrust forces: 55 kgf, 60 kgf, 75 kgf, 95 kgf, 125 kgf, 160 kgf in 12V and 24V.

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