January 28, 2020

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NEW PRODUCTS available: the STERN Pro kits and the Double thruster control joystick

We are proud to introduce a number of new Manoeuvring Systems products. We offer now from stock:
– The STERN Pro kits
– The DBPPJA double thruster control joystick


VETUS re-introduces a kit to convert a BOW Pro to a STERN Pro!

These G.R.P. tunnel kits fit most transoms. Manoeuvring will become child’s play, and even the effects of wind and current can be effectively countered. Installation of the stern kit is simple as the thruster motor and electric components are fitted internally in the boat, whilst the tunnel and propeller are installed externally on the transom.

Download STERN Pro kit Product Inform

DBPPJA Combined bow and stern thruster panel for BOW Pro thrusters

VETUS introduces a very compact double thruster control joystick to operate two BOW Pro (Boosted) thrusters. This multi-axial joystick is very compact and can be installed in place of a single thruster controller.

Download DBPPJA Product Inform

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