november 6, 2018




Build to perform under pressure

VETUS knows the importance of filtering a vessels cooling water. The trusted FTR330 performs very well above the waterline, but what if you have no other option than to position the filter below the waterline? Meet our new FTR33038M!

This is the heavy duty model of the range. The filter housing is made out of NAVIDURIN® and features a 38 mm hose connection. Placed on top of the housing you can find a freshly designed metal lid, which allows easy inspection without dismantling. The FTR33038M is tested up to 6 bar, which means the filter is safe to place below the waterline!

High pressure is where the FTR33038M excels

The combination of the heavy-duty body and the metal lid makes this filter ideal to use on the faster boats, where pressure is easily build-up when the speed increases. Because of the compact dimensions (ø148 mm by 162 mm) you can always find a suitable spot on your vessel. The FTR33038M can be recognized on the black housing and the metal lid and is available from stock.

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