26 июня, 2022

Product of the month: WHT Calorifiers


Twin coil calorifiers — WHT series

Warmth on request

With the WHT calorifier series, VETUS adds a new meaning to ‘Double Dutch’: this twin coiled calorifier range will double your level on comfort on board when it comes to warm water. Another feature next to the double coil is the electric element. The WHT series uses this electric heating element to heat the water when the engine is not running, as alternative to the spiral tube which uses the surplus warmth of the running engine. Warm water at your disposal — anytime, anywhere.

Double coiled WHT calorifiers – your personal hot spring on board

The WHT twin coil calorifier series is unique in its (price) class with its additional electric element as standard: an option normally only found on far more expensive calorifiers. The calorifier is supplied with a complete connection kit: hose pillars, T-shaped connector, check valve and pressure relief valve. Available in four sizes.


Twin coil to heat water (either by engine or by heating system) as well as an extra electric element (1,5kW) (3-way heating)
Duplex stainless steel tank
Standard with presure release valve
Meets all applicable approvals in boating
Available in 4 sizes: 25, 50, 75 and 100 litre

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