26 czerwca, 2022

New! Introducing the evolution of the D-line engines




Introducing the next evolution of the D-Line engine range. Lower revolutions, with more power and torque whilst maintaining the famed reliability and durability. The new D-line engines meet the new RCD2013/53/EU emissions regulations and are extremely suitable for power hydraulics on board. Supplied with a CAN bus system with a SAEJ1939 protocol, they also work excellently with NMEA2000 systems on board as well.

The new VETUS D-Line engines now feature an innovative water cooled top cover in order to reduce the heat in the engine room and reduce the engine noise of an already near silent engine block. This top cover is even sturdy enough to be used as a step. Other features that are added to the new D-Line engines are: a new and smaller air filter in order to save space in the engine room; new exhaust manifold insulation; and water heater connections; an electric sump pump and a high output alternator (160 Amps) as standard. As options Vetus offers a second alternator; a PTO flange to install a hydraulic pump; a fly-bridge instrument panel; a trolling valve and much more. These can be ordered separately but will be installed on the engine when ordered as a complete package. An option exclusively available for the 6-cylinder models is a separate fuel filter kit to meet the requirements of the most demanding customer.

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