26 juni, 2022

Product of the month Waste Water Connectors


Connecting the lines

The waste water connector line-up consists of a three-way valve, an Y connector, a non-return valve and the additional hose connectors. These hose connectors are fully rotatable and need to be ordered separately to fit your existing hoses. Made entirely out of high-quality plastic, these products are strong and durable. With connectors varying from 19 mm up to 38 mm, it’s plug-and-play on every boat.

This line-up allows you to professionally connect or expand your waste water system. With the three-way valve and the Y connector you can have as many connections as you like, while the duck bill valve keeps the dirty water from flowing back. Hose connectors are sold per piece or per two, so you can mix and match to your needs. The three-way valve is prepared to accept locks for holding the valve in one position (e.g. when harbours want to ensure waste water is directed to the tank instead of discharged overboard). Both the three-way valve as the Y-connector come equipped with a bracket for easy mounting on wall or floor.

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