26 juni, 2022

Product of the month TMW series



Green delivered in white

Allow us to highlight our TMW series. This very competitively priced toilet is a welcome alternative to manually operated hand-pumped toilets. Operated by a rocker switch or a control panel of your choice (sold separately). The porcelain bowl has a height of 375 mm for situations where a lower toilet is more convenient. Equipped with a comfortable soft close / quick release seat and lid.

The TMW features a powerful macerator with stainless steel blades and a high capacity pump. This is so effective that the waste can be discharged through a 19 mm diameter hose, which takes the 1.2 litre half flush an amazing 303% further than when using a conventional 38 mm hose! In terms of tangible distance: the macerated waste travels an astonishing 423 cm in a 19 mm hose compared with just 105 cm in a 38 mm hose, keeping the residue in the hoses to a minimum, thus reducing the possibility of odour and the chance of blockage. Hassle-free, easy to clean, durable, quiet and ‘green’ toilet, delivered in white.

Unique features

– Professional grade macerators with stainless steel blades for optimal performance
– Connectors for 3 different outlet diameters (19 mm, 25 mm and 38 mm) to enable easy retrofitting
– Macerated waste will flow fast and far (up to 303% further!) through a small diameter pipe, reducing
odour and chance of blockage
– Quiet operation (61dB), especially compared to our competitors
– Economical with water: TMW toilets use 1.2 (half flush) to 2.2 litre (full flush)

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