June 26, 2019

Product of the month SW series


Keep a grip – VETUS sport steering wheel series

Made from the renowned combination of high-quality polyurethane rubber, leather and polished aluminium, these six steering wheels each emit their own vibe. From the classic wooden Tectona, to the futuristic Argentus and the minimalistic Ravus: all styles are present. Dimensions are kept small to maximize feel and enforce the sporty image, ranging from 300 mm to 350 mm. All steering wheels feature a classy chromed ABS centre cap with the distinctive ‘V’ logo. Upgrade your interior with one of those stylish steering wheels.

Functional, sporty, polished aluminium: take control with the extended SW-line

The purposeful and sporty appearance of these new steering wheels complements your boat and with the material used, they are built to last.


• SW series now available in the following diameters: 300, 320, 330 and 350 mm
• Six new models in different colours to suit all vessels
• High-quality polyurethane rim paired to polished aluminium spokes with hubcap
• High-quality wooden rim paired to polished aluminium spokes with hubcap

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