February 28, 2019

Nominated for HISWA product of the year 2019


VETUS Smart-Controlled Brushless BOW PRO Boosted Thrusters nominated for HISWA Product of the Year 2019

VETUS’ more powerful version of its award-winning BOW PRO thruster, the BOW PRO Boosted, is nominated for HISWA Product of the year 2019. An award that is presented at the start of the HISWA Amsterdam boat show that start March 6th in the RAI in Amsterdam.

The BOW PRO Boosted is incorporating an in-house-engineered intelligent motor controller. The new upgraded fully-proportional brushless models deliver all the remarkable features of the BOW PRO series with an added boost function to make life easier for even more boat owners.

Providing a significant technical advantage over existing thrusters, the new patented highly-efficient seven model BOW PRO Boosted 57-150 series of thrusters features an internal charger that enables the thruster to boost output to up to double the voltage. The BOW PRO Boosted thruster can be connected to 12V or 24V power supplies, making it suitable for a range of boats up to 80ft. When the thruster is not in use, the built-in charger automatically recharges the battery, doubling its value as both a thruster and charger.

As well as connecting to the internal charger, the VETUS motor controller also regulates the maintenance-free induction motors without carbon brushes, a technology break-through that ensures the BOW PRO Boosted thrusters are very quiet with a runtime only limited by the size of the battery pack installed. With almost no loss of power, active heat control and power consumption are very low.

Pieter Feenstra, Senior Sales Manager Manoeuvring Systems, VETUS, said: “With the line-up set to be further expanded during 2019, the seven new BOW PRO Boosted thrusters are the evolution of the original BOW PRO. By combining features like the unlimited runtime, full-proportional control, built-in charger and no maintenance on the brushless motor, the thrusters are the ideal solution for almost every boat, particularly charter vessels, offering significant advantages when compared with other thrusters.

“Safe and easy to install, the BOW PRO successfully enables performance and efficiency to be optimized as well as increasing power output. The thrusters are suitable as a replacement as they use the same streamlined tailpieces and propellers as many conventional VETUS thrusters.”

The thrusters allow users to command as little or as much power as needed with fingertip control. Operating with CANBUS protocol, BOW PRO Boosted thrusters feature a choice of two different control panels – the fully-proportional basic panel (BPPPA) and the fully-proportional panel with local and hold function for easy docking (BPPJA), allowing the boat to be held alongside to pick up or drop off crew or dock single-handed.

Introduced over the last year and recipients of an Innovation Award at Miami International Boat Show, the BOW PRO range for 20-80ft boats has already earned an enviable reputation as powerful, quiet thrusters with unlimited run times and brushless motors. All models in the series combine VETUS’s highly-regarded electric thruster technology with its extremely quiet RimDrive, to provide near silent operation and precision proportional control.

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