October 18, 2019

New products


We are proud to introduce a number of new Engines and Around the Engine products:
– 2nd Alternator for the D-Line
– NLP3..15L series
– FTR330..M series

2nd Alternator D-Line

We now offer a new option for the 24 Volt D-Line engines; a second alternator with an intelligent controller (ACR). This combination can charge your batteries quickly, even at low revolutions.

Download 2nd Alternator Product Inform

Expanding the NLP3 lineup

VETUS expands the NLP lineup with the NLP3..15L series! It’s unique three chamber design technology reduces sound by an incredible 10dB more than our already very quiet traditional waterlocks.

FTR330..M Heavy Duty cooling water strainer series

Of course, we know the importance of filtering a vessel’s cooling water. In 2018 we set a new standard for water strainers with the FTR33038M. This year we go the extra mile. Meet the FTR330..M heavy-duty models water strainers family!

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