November 15, 2018

Introducing the V-Docker


V-DOCKER® – VETUS Joystick docking system
Bow thruster, stern thruster, single engine and gearbox on a single joystick

Running a boat is pure pleasure. Why not experience the same pleasure when docking in the marina? No more stressful situations as the intuitive operation of the joystick from this V-DOCKER lets you dock like a true professional in any situation. The V-DOCKER works with a single (mechanically controlled) engine and a combination of a bow and stern thruster. Only this combination ensures an optimal use of the generated forces, giving you the power exactly where you need it! Where other systems make use of opposing forces situated at the stern of the boat, the VETUS system just needs a nudge of the thruster to tip the bow in the right direction. Direct forces, just plain and easy point and go!

No fuss, no headache – in fact your fellow boaters will be just as pleased as you are. For inch-perfect manoeuvring without rocking the boats around you Because of the precise cooperation between thrusters and engine, drifting will be a thing of the past. Unlike expensive systems that claim to work without thrusters, the V-DOCKER system evenly distributes the forces over the front and rear of the boat. Manoeuvring your boat in a tight spot has never been easier.

The subtle black styling of the joystick allows retrofitting on existing vessels, as it will match your other controls perfectly. This sail-by-wire system replaces your mechanically controlled throttle lever, enabling single-handed boat control. It works with both single inboard and single outboard engines and will be available in two different kits: the VDSETT kit for those with regular bow thrusters and the VDSETR kit for those with retractable thrusters.

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