Giugno 27, 2022

Vetus-Maxwell strengthens commercial marine business


International Workboat Show, New Orleans, LA, December 4 – 6, Booth 1001

New at this year’s International Workboat Show, VETUS-Maxwell introduces enhanced capabilities to provide unique solutions and leading equipment for commercial applications with the launch of its expanded BOW Pro thruster range and further innovative products designed to withstand the harsh marine environment.

The addition of two larger BOW Pro Boosted thruster models has strengthened VETUS-Maxwell’s range of control, maneuvering and Dynamic Positioning solutions available for ferries, excursion vessels, pilot boats, search and recovery, and law enforcement boats through the award-winning BOW PRO series. Suitable for vessels up to about 70ft, the new BOWB180 and BOWB210 Boosted thrusters offer all the technical advantages of the BOW Pro series with the added benefit of a third connection on the motor which permits charging of the 24V battery bank from a 12V charging source.

At the top of the advanced BOW Pro thrusters range, the Boosted models are ideal for larger commercial outboard applications due to the innovative charging capability which means the thruster battery bank will be charged any time the thruster is not being used and the outboards are running. The new technology is even more significant once the thruster is connected to an on-board control system, utilizing features such as heading hold or position keeping.

All the near silent, durable BOW Pro models are ideal for commercial vessels, combining the latest thruster motor technology with the most advanced motor controller in the industry for precise control with proportional speed, extended or unlimited run times and exceptional energy efficiency.

Chris DeBoy, VETUS-Maxwell Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said: “With fingertip, proportional control, almost unlimited runtime and CANbus compatibility, the BOW Pro series thrusters are suitable for a variety of commercial applications, including connection to a Dynamic Positioning system. Adding integrated vessel control features, such as ‘heading hold, stations or position keeping’, provides further benefits with these thrusters that were only available with hydraulic applications prior to the release of the BOW Pro series.

“VETUS-Maxwell is also highlighting further heavy-duty, durable products, demonstrating our new focus on commercial customers. This equipment incorporates innovative material such as NAVIDURIN, which has the highest heat rating in the industry for exhaust components, surpassing FRP products as well as providing the most flexible solution for any application including propulsion and generators.”

An exhaust systems solution for high-performance commercial craft such as coastguard vessels, the VETUS HPW series Heavy Duty (HD) waterlocks are capable of handling engines up to around 500 hp. The series has been developed using the special blended composite NAVIDURIN®, an extremely durable polymer material which is temperature resistant up to 260°C and also highly resistance to deformation under pressure. The HPW series are a cost-effective alternative to high priced and high-end custom-made solutions due to their ability to handle extreme conditions combined with a rotating body and 102, 127 and 152mm hose connections for easy installation. Offering complete security for the engine with a high capacity waterlift design, the waterlocks feature excellent sound attenuation with minimal back pressure.

Also utilizing NAVIDURIN and designed to perform under pressure, the new heavy-duty FTR330..M family of water strainers is ideal for below-waterline installations and faster semi-planing and planing boats. VETUS has incorporated a NAVIDURIN filter housing featuring 19, 25, 32 or 38mm hose connections in the FTR33..M cooling water strainers, as well as a newly-designed metal lid on top of the housing. A transparent cover allows the filter to be quickly checked without dismantling. The range of strainers – FTR33019M, FTR33025M, FTR33032M and FTR33038M – are extremely light weight and compact for flexible installation and can handle up to 100 PSI (7 bar) of pressure.

VETUS-Maxwell has received ABS certification for the MAXWELL RC12HD windlass, the only windlass in the industry that can handle rope and chain to receive this certification. MAXWELL is the only windlass company that can offer certified windlasses for commercial applications on vessels from 40ft to over 300ft.

The RC12HD vertical windlass from the Maxwell heavy duty rope/chain series is designed to suit vessels requiring high service speeds such as patrol vessels, as it removes weight from the front of the vessel due to the reduced weight of rope/chain combination rodes. The RC12HD is fitted with a larger motor and gearbox than the standard RC12, allowing it to be run for extended periods without excessive heat build-up. The RC12HD is also fitted with a high strength 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel main shaft.

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