Whether you own a sturdy two cylinder with sail drive or a whispering six cylinder beauty, a VETUS Diesel Engine will be your faithful servant. To complement each marine engine in the range, VETUS also offers a well-thought-out complete package of “around the engine” products; from the engine remote control to the fuel filter to the propeller shaft to the exhaust system.


M-Line engines are quiet running, highly fuel-efficient, reliable and offer high power and torque output. The fuel systems are automatically self-bleeding, a great convenience after a fuel filter replacement. All engines are equipped with a high output marine alternator as standard for fast recharging of batteries. A second alternator is available as an option on all type M4 engines. And there is more….!


The new generation VETUS high performance common-rail diesel engines with variable geometry turbo charger, is especially designed for installation in fast semi-planing and planing boats. These marine diesel engines are compact, lightweight, fuel efficient and have an excellent power-to-weight ratio. The new range covers three different models; VF4.145, VF4.180 and VF4.200 which are supplied with a SAEJ1939 Canbus protocol, meaning more precise data collection through less wiring. The wiring itself is made from higher grade material and less prone to interference. The VETUS F-Line marine diesel engines meet the RCD2012/53/EU emission regulations.


The H-Line engines are sturdy, reliable engines and are suitable for many applications, such as cabin boats, small fishing boats and larger canal boats. These engines have low noise and vibration levels due to their robust construction. They are also highly fuel efficient.


VETUS D-Line common-rail engines run smoothly, have a high power and torque, low revolutions and are highly reliable and durable. They are in conformity with the new RCD2 emission regulations. Extremely suitable for power hydraulics on board. These engines have a CAN bus system with a SAEJ1939 protocol but can easily work with NMEA2000 systems on board as well.

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