junio 25, 2022

New! Generator sets


VETUS introduces a new Generator series

VETUS is proud to present their completely new range of marine diesel generator sets.
These new GX generator sets are both reliable and easy to maintain. They are also exceptionally quiet due to the use of the innovative VETUS M-Line engines. These GX generator sets operate at fixed engine speeds. Low speed (1500 rpm) generator sets are recommended for commercial applications, prolonged usage and live-aboard vessels, due to reduced wear rates and lower noise levels. High speed (3000 rpm) generator sets are more suited to leisure applications and make installation possible even in confined spaces, due to their compact dimensions and lower weight. All VETUS marine diesel engines are marinised in-house to meet and exceed the latest standards. They feature specific benefits that are unique to the market. One of the most notable new features of the VETUS M-line engines fitted to sets from 6.5 kVA upwards is the cast aluminium top cover. This cover provides two advantages: reduction of heat and sound. High ambient temperatures in the sound enclosure can have negative effects on engine performance. VETUS has developed an elegant yet efficient solution by fitting a water-cooled aluminium engine cover. Located directly above the cylinder head, this huge cooling element absorbs radiant heat coming from the engine. The innovative concept results in a significant temperature reduction of up to 20% and better performance of the generator.

The generators used in the GX generator range are specially designed for marine applications. The high quality standard of design, insulation, and finish guarantee a long and reliable life time in the harsh marine environment. These generators have a very clean sine wave ensuring minimal interference with sensitive electrical equipment on board, such as air conditioning and computers.

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